Report: Leaked Emails Suggest CDC Coordinated With Twitter, Facebook And Google To Censor Social Media Users

Last Updated on July 28, 2022

A recent report from The Washington Free Beacon suggests the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) coordinated with Big Tech companies like Google, Twitter, and Facebook to push censorship of “vaccine misinformation.”

Thirty-five pages of emails allegedly uncovered by America First Legal” claim “CDC officials regularly communicated with personnel at Twitter, Facebook, and Google over ‘vaccine misinformation.’”

The leaked documents display communications between officials from the CDC with Facebook, Twitter, and Google.

“CDC officials would flag specific posts by users on social media platforms such as Twitter as ‘example posts,’” The Beacon explained.

Todd O’Boyle, the Senior Manager of Public Policy at Twitter, seems to have emailed the CDC to initiate “regular chats” to help determine problematic content to the CDC.

“I’m looking forward to setting up regular chats; my team has asked for examples of problematic content so we can examine trends,” O’Boyle wrote.

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“All examples of misinformation are helpful, but in particular, if you have any examples of fraud – such as fraudulent covid cures, fraudulent vaccine cards, etc, that would be very helpful,” he added in the email.

Carol Crawford, the CDC Media Branch Chief, pushed O’Boyle to specifically target censoring “disinformation” about vaccine shedding and microchips.

“[W]e wanted to point out two issues that we are seeing a great deal of misinfo about — vaccine shedding and microchips,” Crawford’s email reads.

The email, supposedly from Crawford, contained a spreadsheet with a list of tweets the CDC labeled as “misinfo.”

Crawford also expressed intentions to invite “all tech platforms” to a “BOLO CVOID misinformation meeting.” BOLO stands for “be on the lookout.”

“We do plan to post something shortly to address vaccine shedding and I can send that link soon. Our census team copied here, has much more info on it if needed. Also, we are standing up a BOLO COVID misinformation meeting and inviting all tech platforms,” the CDC official said in her email.

Also in the newly released emails, Facebook was exposed to have given the CDC $15 million in free advertisements.

View the emails reported by the Beacon here.

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