Roger Stone Tapped As Strategic Advisor To New Draft Committee Urging Trump To Run In 2024

America First patriot and former U.S. Congress candidate, Bobby Jeffries, created a “National Draft Donald J. Trump 2024 Committee” to mobilize Trump supporters nationwide.

Jeffries, a Trump supporter since 2016, believes the only choice for the Republican Party to win big in 2024 is Donald Trump. The committee aspires to rally all America-First Republicans around Trump so the former President knows he can rely on a solid grassroots Conservative base in the upcoming presidential election.

The Draft Trump Committee believes the Trump MAGA movement is not over, but only growing stronger daily. To encourage the former president to run in 2024, the committee is gathering petitions of Americans pledging their allegiance to Donald Trump.

These petitions, signed by millions, will be directly presented to Donald Trump so he knows that, despite Mike Pence, Liz Cheney, and other Trump-grifter attacks, Americans have not abandoned him.

Jeffries told National File that our nation is falling apart like an old rickety house and he believes Trump is the only solution to secure our Southern border, restore law and order, and build back the economy.

With weak and spineless Republicans abandoning Trump, Jeffries believes the Republican Party cannot be trusted to support Trump. His committee intends to send a loud and clear message to Trump that his America First movement is still powerful and supported.

The Draft Trump Committee will be advertising Trump’s reliant base in television advertisements and digital billboard campaigns in and around Trump’s hometown in West Palm Beach. The committee’s message for the former president is, “RUN, TRUMP, RUN.”

Unlike other greedy Super PACs that seek to fundraise off of Trump’s name before stabbing him in the back, Jeffries will use any finances his committee raises to build up an infrastructure to defend Trump from coordinated media and Democrat attacks. The committee intends to stick up for Trump in battleground states across the U.S. by fighting back against any bogus legal battles thrown his way.

America First activist and presidential consultant to Trump, Roger Stone, is serving as a strategic advisor with the Draft Trump committee. Stone expressed his unwavering confidence in Donald Trump and his ability to have the “greatest political and economic comeback of all time” by running in 2024.

“Donald J. Trump remains my first, second, the third choice for the GOP nomination for President of the United States. The National Draft Donald J. Trump 2024 Committee is working hard to make sure my longtime friend Donald Trump understands how the American people need him to run once again for the greatest political and economic comeback of all time.”

The National Draft Donald J. Trump 2024 Committee’s petition can be signed by clicking here. Visit their website here to learn how you can join them in their pro-Trump activism.

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