Sandy Smith Calls for Armed Teachers, School Security in Aftermath of Uvalde Shooting

GOP congressional nominee Sandy Smith is offering “real solutions” to protect American kids in the aftermath of the Uvalde, Texas school shooting that left 19 children and 2 of their teachers dead. In the days following the massacre, the American people have learned that law enforcement – including US Marshals – stood down, allowing the shooting to go on for over an hour as young students begged 911 operators to send help. When parents arrived on the scene and tried to save their kids themselves, the police arrested them.

An America First conservative and the GOP nominee to Congress in North Carolina’s 1st District, Sandy Smith blasted the police response to the mass shooting at Robb Elementary School in Uvalde, Texas in a statement made via Twitter as the facts of the case came to light. Smith blasted the “incompetent leadership and cowards” within law enforcement “who waited an hour to go in and neutralize the threat,” even as schoolchildren sat on the phone with 911 operators, begging for their lives to be saved.

Smith went on to dive deeper into the law enforcement response – or lack thereof – to the horrendous mass shooting of children, calling the arrest of parents who arrived on the scene to try and save their kids when law enforcement would not “unconscionable.”

“We have real solutions,” Smith tweeted, calling for teachers to be armed and trained to protect their students, as they do in Israel, and for schools to replace gun-free zone signs with ones that make it clear that anyone who comes to do harm to America’s kids will be taken down.

“Secure our schools so psychos can’t get in. Give our teachers and faculty firearms and training so that they can protect their children – Israel does this with great success. Post signs that any shooter who comes on campus will personally meet their maker if they even think of hurting children.”

“We should post armed guards at our schools,” Smith suggested. “An armed society is a polite society.”

Pushing back on Democrat and corporate media attacks on the 2nd Amendment, Smith said the problem of mass shootings in gun-free zones around the country would be “very easy to fix, but Democrats politicize [it] and want to take away guns. We need more good guys with guns,” Smith said. “Not less!”

Read Sandy Smith’s Full Statement Below:

My Statement on the Shooting in Texas

I am deeply saddened by the tragic loss of life of our 19 beautiful children and 2 teachers who died needlessly due to incompetent leadership and cowards who waited an hour to go in and neutralize the threat. I’ve read that police (1/4)

— Sandy Smith NC (@SandySmithNC) May 26, 2022

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