‘Save the Babies’ Documentary Takes On The CPS Child Trafficking Crisis

Last Updated on July 12, 2022

“Save the Babies: A Documentary on CPS Child Trafficking” debuted on Monday July 11. (WATCH THE FILM BY CLICKING THIS LINK!)

The feature film investigates how Child Protective Services (CPS) allegedly kidnaps and traffics children, funneling them into sex slavery while bankrupting parents. The movie also reveals explosive information which may link the CPS child trafficking crisis to a number of high-level politicians. I, Patrick Howley, served as executive producer of “Save the Babies,” which was produced by Hannah Howley, directed and scored by Ben DeLaurentis, narrated by Jon Bowne, and features music by Bryson Gray. This documentary is disturbing, and some of the scenes will outrage you. Yet, the film also explains strategies that parents can use to fend off CPS agents, and chronicles the work of dedicated activists who are fighting to reform the system and save the kids. The movie is dedicated to all survivors of CPS child trafficking and their families. “Save the Babies” is a labor of love for everyone involved with the project, and we hope that you watch it!