Schools Across The Nation Host ‘BLM At School’ Week, Encourage Leftist Activism From Students

A recently released video shows a group of kindergartners chanting “black lives matter” at the behest of their teachers. The students, who were given signs to hold while they chanted, attend the Lowell School, which is located in Washington DC. The school is in their fourth year of dubbing the first week of February a “BLM at School Week of Action.” School administrators posted the video on Instagram.

Kindergartners in DC forced to march with BLM signs and chant “Black Lives Matter!”

Educators know whoever has the youth has the future. None of this is done by accident. It’s part of a plan to bring children into the fold and become warriors and future leaders of a new country.

— JON MILLER (@MillerStream) February 5, 2022

Schools and teachers unions across the nation have encouraged activism from students in honor of black history month. Many districts even feature material directly from the Black Lives Matter organization, complete with the group’s logo. The BLM organization features a “Black Lives Matter at School” program that has been adopted by districts in Philadelphia, Seattle, Boston and several others cities. The group also lists “demands” for the week of action. These include hiring more black teachers and “mandating black history and ethnic studies in K-12 curriculum.”

The Black Lives Matter at School “starter kit” includes instructions for how to teach young children about “transgender affirmation”, globalism and a “disruption” of Western nuclear family dynamics. “Black Villages is the disruption of Western nuclear family dynamics and a return to the ‘collective village’ that takes care of each other,” reads the starter kit. The document provides instructions on how to frame ideology in terms “little people can understand”, which includes an official BLM coloring book that touches on the listed themes, among several others.

Dozens of school districts have introduced official BLM material to their curriculum this year. Ithaca Public Schools promoted a “Black Lives Matter week of action” and associated curriculum. “School should be a place where students and staff engage in deep and honest conversations about race, class, and power and develop relationships across differences, examine bias, and advocate for justice” reads the district’s website.

On February 1, students at Beverly J. Martin Elementary School made BLM t-shirts in class.  Lesson plans for that day featured “change-maker curriculum and social justice activism.”

Silkscreening tshirts at DeWitt Middle for ⁦@BLMAtSchool#BLMatschool@CarlanGray1⁩ ⁦

— Allison Kootsikas (@DrKootsikas) February 2, 2022

In Illinois, the Evanston/Skokie district declared the first week of February as a BLM week of action. Lessons will include “Queer, Trans-affirming, and Collective Value” for all grade levels. In Wisconsin, the Milwaukee School District called for a week of action and included curriculum provided by the group. “The Milwaukee community will have opportunities to listen, learn, and add their voices to the Black Lives Matter (BLM) narrative in order to bring about positive change,” said the district.

The Parents Defending Education organization compiled a lengthy list of districts that have introduced official BLM material in 2022.







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