Seattle Pride Demonstrators Parade Fully Nude in Front of Children

Last Updated on June 27, 2022

During a pride parade in Seattle, Washington, a throng of naked cyclists rode in circles in front of young children.

The pride event took place Sunday and was advertised to be a “family-friendly event” despite the group of ten men and women riding bicycles completely unclothed.

It seems the group was seeking to support body positivity, with one demonstrator holding a sign that said, “Challenge body shame. Build self-esteem.”

NAKED BICYCLISTS circling the route in front of a large crowd of children. #seattlepride

— Katie Daviscourt (@KatieDaviscourt) June 26, 2022

The parade kicked off with a group of minors from the Boy Scouts of America marching with pride flags and American flags. Abortion advocates were prominent in the crowd, cheering on the boy scouts and also pro-abortion marchers.

HAPPENING NOW: Crush of people at Seattle Pride parade that’s now passing through the downtown core. Some of loudest cheers so far have been for Magnolia Boy Scouts and abortion rights marchers. Thousands of people out and enjoying day. #Pride #SeattlePride #LGBTQ #RoeVsWade

— Jonathan Choe Journalist (@choeshow) June 26, 2022

Also marching in the parade were a group of Amazon workers that protested “transphobic” books the company sells on its platform. The activist group claims Amazon is “spreading a culture of hatred through transphobic books,” which creates a “hostile workplace environment for transgender employees.”

One of the books targeted is Conservative commentator Matt Walsh’s “Johnny the Walrus” children’s book.

TRANS RIGHTS: @amazon workers representing activist group within company called “No Hate At Amazon” at Seattle Pride. They allege management is “spreading a culture of hatred through transphobic books” and “creating hostile workplace environment for transgender employees.”

— Jonathan Choe Journalist (@choeshow) June 26, 2022

While Seattle firefighters joined the parade, waving pride flags and swearing pride clothing, Seattle police were reportedly banned from attending.

The Executive Board of Seattle Pride made an announcement on June 22nd which reads, “Due to the history of Stonewall Sunday and the fact that Pride was birthed from a riot against police brutality, Seattle Pride will not permit police uniforms, police vehicles, any police insignia, or police propaganda to walk in any parade contingency.”

The Seattle Police Department was still present at the parade, but only to provide security and ensure public safety at the event.

Social media users voiced anger and concern over the nude Pride participants. “NGL, Shit like this is why I have developed a prejudice that if you say you’re LGBTQXTZ, then I automatically associate you with this. If gay people don’t want to be viewed as THIS as their benchmark normative, then they need to squash this kind of behavior. It ruins it for all,” one user commented.

Another Twitter user noted how a Toronto Pride Parade had similar activism. In Toronto, a fully nude man wearing a “Bugs Bunny” mask was videoed provocatively jumping in front of a pride parade crowd where children were present.

Pride Event Toronto

— Stu Gatz your (@stu_gatso) June 27, 2022

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