Site Labels Jarome Bell an ‘Antisemite,’ ‘Conspiracy Theorist’ for Supporting Election Integrity, Civil Liberties

A far-left website is attacking America First conservative Jarome Bell as an “antisemite” and “conspiracy theorist” for daring to run for Congress against 1/6 Committee member Elaine Luria, a Jewish Democrat backed by George Soros who routinely employs Nazi propaganda in her attacks against conservatives and America’s elections.

Bell, a former Navy Chief with 27 years of service, is now positioned as the front runner for the GOP nomination to Congress in Virginia’s 2nd District, which is currently represented by 1/6 Committee member Elaine Luria, a Democrat. Luria has almost constantly drawn the ire of her constituents since the beginning of her current, 2nd term, as she has worked with Nancy Pelosi to make a mockery of election integrity and consolidate Democrat power. Luria has also been exposed for her six-figure investments linked to the Chinese Communist Party and Big Tech.

Recently, Elaine Luria even pushed backed against a bill put forward in DC by fellow Virginia Democrat Congresswoman Abigail Spanberger, which would have banned lawmakers from stock trading, given the obvious insider advantages members of Congress possess. Luria, who owns millions of dollars worth of stocks, many of which are linked to Communist China, and has made six-figure trades as a member of Congress, slammed the entire concept as “bullshit.”

As the GOP nominating process unfolds and Bell appears poised to defeat his establishment-backed primary opponent Jen Kiggans, Luria has begun attacking Bell on a much more regular basis, with friendly news sites steeped in Jewish identity politics appearing to do much of the legwork, falling back on accusations of antisemitism as an apparent last-ditch effort to save Luria’s troubled political career.

In a recent hit piece from “The American Independent,” a left-wing, pro-Luria blog that has the same name as a segregationist political party from the 20th century that sought to oppress black people, Bell was blasted as an “antisemite” for opposing COVID vaccine and mask mandates. Bell, a black man, was also labeled a “conspiracy theorist” by The American Independent for his support of election integrity efforts and a “white nationalist” for his support of border security, as well as support he has received from border hawk members of Congress, such as Paul Gosar, who has endorsed Bell’s campaign.

The American Independent also linked back to several National File reports on the race in the 2nd District, attempting at one point to claim that it is “antisemitic” to point out Luria’s ties to dark money groups linked to George Soros. The American Independent even targeted the Christian faith in its attacks on Jarome Bell, highlighting a recent endorsement Bell received from former Minnesota Congresswoman Michelle Bachmann, who now serves as a Dean at the Regent University, a Christian school in Bell’s district.

Ironically, while Luria and company sling around accusations of “antisemitism” and “white nationalism,” she herself has been routinely employing Nazi tropes straight from the mouth of former Third Reich propaganda minister Joseph Goebbells. Alongside fellow Democrats, Luria has reappropriated the Nazi term “The Big Lie” for use against Election Integrity activists, like Bell and his legion of grassroots supporters.

Speaking with National File about the left’s latest attack on his America First campaign, Jarome Bell mocked Luria and the radically left-wing American Independent, saying that Democrats throw around words like “antisemite” when they know they’re in trouble politically. Bell also pointed out that a female Israeli immigrant is serving as his campaign’s local Public Affairs Director, further pushing back on Luria and the left’s absurd claims, which are based in identity politics.

“They know who the real threat is,” Bell told National File of Elaine Luria and company, before pointing out that his local Public Affairs Director is a female Israeli immigrant. “I’m such an antisemite that I have a female Israeli immigrant as my local Public Affairs Director and surrogate,” he went on.

“When everything else fails call a person an antisemite,” said Bell, going on to compare the left’s new favorite insult to one of their old ones. “To me that’s like calling me a n*gger. These are the people behind Luria and the Communist Democrat Party,” Bell said, before pointing out that when elected, he will make history as the first black man to represent Virginia’s 2nd Congressional District.

Jarome Bell will face off against Virginia State Senator Jen Kiggans in the GOP primary for the right to challenge Elaine Luria this November. With the force of the 2nd District’s America First voters behind him, Bell appears poised to win the nomination as Kiggans, who is backed by Kevin McCarthy and the GOP establishment, stumbles over her left-wing voting record.