Special Grand Jury is Investigating Loudoun County’s Cover-Up of Trans School Bathroom Rapes

A special grand jury has been convened to investigate Loudoun County Public Schools’ handling of the serial rapes committed by a “gender-fluid male” who donned a skirt and was allowed to use the girls’ restroom. The grand jury comes after Governor Glenn Youngkin ordered Virginia’s AG to investigate the troubled school district, where officials engaged in a documented cover-up of the rapes to protect the left-wing, pro-trans policies they had enacted.

Loudoun County’s public school system, once considered to be one of the best in the nation, has met disgrace after the pro-trans policies its school board enacted led directly to the serial rape of their female students. A biological male who claimed to be gender-fluid and donned a skirt has been convicted of two school rapes in the county schools and court documents indicate that he has a third victim.

District officials have been accused of covering up the entire situation and slow walking their duties in order to protect the pro-trans policies they’d enacted. District administrators opted not to kick the attacker out of school and simply allowed him to move to another district.

When parents demanded answers, school officials had them arrested, including the father of one of the victims. Superintendent Scott Ziegler even outright lied about the rapes, claiming that “the predator transgender student or person simply does not exist.”

The special grand jury was impaneled by Loudoun County Circuit Judge James E. Plowman. Furthermore, subpoena powers in the investigation to determine whether anyone within Loudoun County school leadership needs to be brought up on criminal charges. For their part, Loudoun County Public Schools confirmed to local media that they’re under the grand jury investigation and say they will cooperate with what they determine to be “lawful requests” regarding the investigation.

Furthermore, as recall efforts against the Loudoun County School Board have been ongoing and one far-left member has even resigned rather than face the people, Virginia Governor Glenn Youngkin has asked the state’s General Assembly to put each one of the Loudoun County School Board seats on the ballot this November, giving residents a chance to clean house completely, something the board obviously opposes.

“The Loudoun County School Board opposes Governor Youngkin’s amendment to change the date of the elections for the entire Loudoun County School Board to Nov. 8, 2022,” a statement from the board reads. “Governor Youngkin’s proposed amendment seeks to undo a fair and free election in which members of the Loudoun County School Board were chosen by the people of Loudoun County to represent them on the School Board for four years.”

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