Stew Peters: Laptop Whistleblower, Sheriffs Work Toward Biden Indictments for CCP Influence, FARA Violations

Last Updated on July 14, 2022

Jack Maxey, a whistleblower who has been working to disclose the contents of the infamous Hunter Biden laptop, recently spoke with Stew Peters after the latest release. Maxey — who is working through 450 gigabytes of deleted material from the Hunter Biden laptop — urged viewers to focus on the verifiable crimes detailed on the hard drive as opposed to coverage of Biden’s drug issues. Maxey detailed Hunter Biden’s numerous pay-for-pay dealings with Chinese intelligence and energy officials, as well as Biden’s engagement in pedophilia.

Hunter Biden’s pay-for-play dealings with foreign entities — including the Chinese Communist Party — have long been documented. Biden would routinely leverage his father’s position in order to make paid introductions and was awarded with a high-paying job on the board of the Ukrainian gas company Burisma despite being woefully underqualified.

In 2018, the New York Times reported on a story involving Hunter Biden’s dealings with Chinese energy tycoon Ye Jianming. Ye led the CEFC China Energy Company until 2018. Around that time, Ye Jianming was arrested on corruption charges and has not been seen since.

The report provides insight into a deeper scandal involving Joe Biden himself, however. According to emails obtained by the New York Post from Hunter Biden’s laptop in October of 2020, one of Hunter Biden’s business associates, James Gilliar explained that Joe Biden would receive a 10% stake in CEFC.

“The equity will be distributed as follows,” Gilliar wrote. Hunter Biden, Rob Walker, Tony Bobulinski and Gilliar himself would each receive 20 percent. Jimmy Biden, Joe’s brother, would receive 10 percent, while the last 10% was to be held for “the big guy.”

Weeks after the elder Biden left the White House in 2017, a company owned by Ye Jianming, State Energy HK, sent $6 million in wire transfers to Robinson Walker LLC. Robinson Walker LLC was controlled by Rob Walker, one of Hunter Biden’s business partners. Then in June of 2017, Hunter Biden emailed Ye demanding $10 million more as seed money for a new company called SinoHawk Holdings.

In August 2017, another Hunter Biden controlled company called Hudson West received a $5 million wire from CEFC. CEFC also paid Hunter Biden’s law firm, Owasco, nearly $5 million.

Owasco then sent the $1.4 million to Lion Hall Consulting, a firm owned by the elder Biden’s brother, Jimmy. Emails unearthed by the New York Post later revealed that someone called “the chairman” — which would be Ye — promised to pay Hunter Biden $10 million for “introductions alone.”

Jack Maxey has been working to release the laptop’s full contents for over a year, and has urged Americans to focus on the influence peddling and related seditious conduct of Hunter Biden, as opposed to his use of drugs and hookers.

“Are there any American law enforcement officials that you’re aware of that are actually investigating the criminal evidence on this laptop?” Peters asked Maxey. “Yes there are. There are some brave constitutional sheriffs who I have been in contact with,” Maxey replied. “I think I have more than a dozen hardcore, American patriots who are not controlled by federal law enforcement, who have constitutional roles to protect the constitution and people of this country.”

Maxey then detailed Hunter Biden’s pedophilic activities involving underage girls. “The first dozen images that we looked at when I stopped were pictures of young girls doing highly sexualized things to each other. Through their clothes, but definitely trending very, very badly,” Maxey said. “And they were on Hunter’s erased side of the disc.”

When Hunter Biden’s laptop was recovered by a repairman in Delaware, it contained 28,000 images. When accounting for the deleted portion — which Jack Maxey has been meticulously sorting through with the help of law enforcement — the drive contains more than 80,000 more, including “dozens and dozens” of videos.

“It’s terrifying stuff, Hunter has betrayed the entire country,” Maxey said of the laptop’s contents.

Maxey actually handed the material over to The Washington Post on June 16 of last year, the Senate Judiciary Committee on July 8 of the same year, and then The Daily Mail this past April.

The full interview can be viewed here.

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