Target Launches Pro-Trans Product Line for Kids

Target has launched a line of pro-trans products directed at children as part of their annual pride collection set to hit store shelves this June. Included in the store’s pride month product line this year is a partnership with the brand TomboyX, which will offer “chest binders” and “packing underwear” to women and girls proclaiming manhood.

Target’s 2022 pride month collection will mark the first time the store has offered so-called “gender-]affirming” products as part of their yearly LGBT collection. In partnering with TomboyX to carry the breast-concealing bras and penis-pretending underwear, Target will be marketing the products directly to kids, with the gender bender merchandise starting at sizes small enough to be worn to children – something the LGBT lobby has applauded.

“Holy sh*t, Target is selling binders,” far-left Twitter user and self-proclaimed “Queer community leader,” @mx_danger posted to Twitter, celebrating Target’s marketing of sexualized products to kids. “…That’s actually making a difference for queer youth. I love it.”

Holy shit, Target is selling binders. You can buy binders in a fucking store now. That’s incredible.

Like, every store does ~*~~*~*pride merch~*~*~*~* but that’s actually making a difference for queer youth. I love it.

— Mx. Kelsey Danger, Team Rocket (@mx_danger) May 6, 2022

On Target’s website, biological females modeling the “trans-affirming” products in some photos are shirtless, and scars, where their breasts have been removed, are highly visible. It is unclear if these photos will be displayed in stores.

In addition to the “gender-affirming” clothing, Target will offer a lengthy line of t-shirts, rompers, onesies, and other products to small children and is even using child models outfitted in the pride month line’s sexually-charged outfits on their store website. In one case, a toddler is wearing a shirt that reads “Trans Rights Are Human Rights,” and in another, a girl appearing to be around late elementary or middle school age is wearing a shirt branded with various pronouns.

In addition to the pro-trans clothing line, Target will expand their collection of LGBT books for their celebration of “Pride Month,” including books marketed to children on adopting alternative pronouns and an LGBT lifestyle.

As the left has continued to shine its spotlight on to so-called “LGBT kids,” alarming statistics have been released showing that a massive swath of such children have contemplated or attempted suicide in the last year, and the number keeps going up. According to data compiled by The Trevor Project, a pro-LGBT organization, “45% of LGBTQ youth seriously considered attempting suicide in the past year.”

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