Texas Elementary School Celebrates ‘Pride Week’, Instructs Students to Keep it ‘Confidential’

Despite some key legislative victories for concerned parents, LGBTQ-related curriculum (and sometimes outright activism) is still ubiquitous in America’s public schools. Even in red Texas, students were forced to participate in “Pride Week”, complete with a “Pride parade” through the halls of Austin’s Doss Elementary School. The video of the “parade” was shared by the school’s assistant principal. The video reportedly shows groups of students and teachers marching through the halls with LGBTQ-themed artwork.

I knew she would delete it so I saved it. The assistant principal posted this video of a pride parade in school to her Twitter account. pic.twitter.com/GrUdr9V4MS

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This is the assistant principal… of course… pic.twitter.com/pHjPwHEy9n

— Libs of Tik Tok (@libsoftiktok) March 21, 2022

As is evident from the photographs, one of the rules of “Pride Week” is that what is discussed in school stays confidential, which violates Texas state law. According to Texas Education Code, “An attempt by any school district employee to encourage or coerce a child to withhold information from the child’s parent is grounds for discipline under Section 21.104”.

Hi @PrincipalSteen, @hannah_wankel, and superintendent @AustinISDsupt– you might want to take a look at this. pic.twitter.com/Amit726r5Y

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An activity guide for the event shows that students were forced to make pride-themed arts and crafts while staff were permitted to wear “pride shirts.”

“If a child wants to discuss LBGT+ identity, listen with an open mind,” reads a teacher instruction guide.  Students were also forced to participate in a “circle discussion” that was supposed to be kept confidential, according to school administrators. “Please remember that we agreed to keep what happened in this circle confidential,” reads a school document on “pride week.”

LGBTQ material in school curriculum is a hot button issue in recent weeks, especially with the recent passing of Florida’s Parental Rights in Education Bill, which opponents have mistakenly called the “Don’t Say Gay” Bill. Proponents of this bill and similar pieces of legislation argue that such legislation grants parents peace of mind in knowing that they will know what their kids are being taught and/or exposed to in the classroom. Opponents of these bills have often denied that things such as this “Pride Parade” ever happen, and that the bills are simply driven by homophobia and transphobia. As has happened with the bill in Florida, opponents in the media as well as Democratic activists and operatives deliberately lied about the content of the bill.

With the almost daily examples of radical leftist indoctrination and activism in schools, those who oppose bills such as Florida’s Parental Rights in Education Bill have had a difficult time selling the idea that conservatives and concerned parents in general are overreacting. The narrative portrayed by conservatives that some of what is happening in schools is akin to “grooming” continues to gain credence.

The pornographic book ‘Gender Queer’ is still available in many schools across the country.

Many districts have an easy way to access a library database so you can check if your kid’s school offers this book.

If your child’s school still has this book, please DM me. Thank you! https://t.co/lA8ND2PS0o

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