The Chinese Are Buying Up Land And Medical Marijuana Growing Licenses in Oklahoma For Human Trafficking Front Businesses

The ChiComs are buying up the Sooner State. NATIONAL FILE has discovered that there is a massive black market business in Oklahoma run by Chinese nationals. The Chinese are buying plots of farmland and residential properties in cash and setting up front businesses including medical marijuana grow houses that are driving the illegal immigration crisis and being used as fronts for human trafficking. I discussed this crisis Thursday on The Stew Peters Show.

Oklahoma State Senator Warren Hamilton confirmed the Chinese invasion of Oklahoma farmland, stating in a text message: “I authored sb1469 and sjr 45 because of this,” referring to the legislative effort to stop the ChiComs from scamming the medical marijuana system to achieve black-market economic and political dominance in America’s heartland.

A top Oklahoma law enforcement official confirmed to NATIONAL FILE that the Chinese-owned grow houses are being used as fronts for “human trafficking, child sex trafficking, and illegal immigration” from Mexico and other countries. Oklahoma House Majority Leader Rep. Josh West told a source that his neighbor got robbed at gunpoint by a Russian connected to the grow farms. Insiders describe how the Chinese-financed gangsters now have a “security apparatus” in Oklahoma with armed goons patrolling Sooner State land, working for the “cartel.” As the ChiComs monopolize the medical marijuana trade they put smaller homegrown pot farms out of business and also drive up water demand for native Oklahomans. For national security and health reasons, a hostile foreign country should not be controlling any fraction of the American supply of legal marijuana, and yet the ChiComs are now trying to dominate both the legal and illegal weed game.

Chinese-run employment agencies in the northeastern Los Angeles area of California are pushing Chinese immigrants to Oklahoma to work on the grow farms, and Chinese investment money is flowing into the “grow houses” for other black market purposes. Residents in southeast Oklahoma know that calls for housing are coming from California, and a lot of Chinese people are paying big cash amounts for plots of farmland and also residential properties. The ChiComs are sometimes bribing local residents to front for fraudulent marijuana growing operations. The ChiComs are hiding their dirty moves by performing bulk straw purchases of medical marijuana grower licenses, which cost a $2,500 application fee. If one grow house gets shut down, the ChiComs can replace the house’s license number with a different license and the government simply is not equipped to effectively stop that maneuver.

“China is at war with the United States. They wrote a book about it. Their play is economic subversion. The America First response should be, at a minimum, confiscation of Communist-owned assets in the United States,” said Jarrin Jackson, a candidate for Oklahoma state senate in the Second District in the Republican primary on June 28, in an interview with NATIONAL FILE. Jarrin Jackson is designing an effort to use the Oklahoma lawmaking process to seize the land from the ChiComs, and his plan has some support from Republican legislative leadership. Talk about Manifest Destiny!

In April and May 2021, the Oklahoma Bureau of Narcotics and Dangerous Drugs Control performed an investigation that led to two separate raids in Logan County and also Erick, Oklahoma and 29 arrests including of numerous Chinese nationals in connection to an illegal marijuana-dealing operation that was operating under the auspices of a legal medical marijuana business.

“We are making a fortune in Oklahoma and you can too,” Irving Lin said while conducting a recent PowerPoint presentation at a Chinese cultural center in Monterey Park, California.

According to reports, a project on 400 acres of Navajo land in the American Southwest involved Chinese immigrants invading Navajo Nation to grow weed, and the project got busted for alleged illegal drug production by the “Operation Navajo Gold” law enforcement operation.