‘The F**k Are You Here For’: Biden Met With ‘Let’s Go Brandon’ In Kentucky As He Promises To ‘Build Back’

Joe Biden was reportedly greeted with “Let’s Go Brandon” by two individuals as he arrived in Kentucky to survey the tragic damage wrought by a horrific series of tornadoes that struck last week.

According to Kentucky Lexington Herald-Leader reporter Austin Horn, Biden was met with “Two ‘Let’s Go Brandon”s from the crowd” as he exited his vehicle in Mayfield, Kentucky this afternoon.

“Let’s Go Brandon” became a euphemism for “f**k Joe Biden” after a reporter on live television claimed a group of people chanting the latter were, in fact, expressing support for a NASCAR driver named Brandon.

Two “Let’s go Brandon”s from the crowd as Biden gets out pic.twitter.com/1syheIGQx0

— Austin Horn (@_AustinHorn) December 15, 2021

Even while surrounded by an ostensibly friendly crowd, Biden appeared to be met with skepticism. In a clip uploaded by video journalist Brendan Gutenschwager, some members of the community thanked Biden for coming to their town. Still, others questioned whether Biden intended to help, or was merely there for a photo opportunity.

One man bellowed, “Are you gonna help us, Joe” as the president struggled with his face mask. “Are you gonna help us?” Off camera, security could be heard telling someone to back up.

“This is our family,” said a woman. “Please, help Mayfield,” another added.

“What the f**k are you here for,” a third voice shouted as Biden walked away from the crowd.

“We’re gonna build back, I promise” President Biden meeting with community members in Mayfield, Kentucky today, surveying the damage from this weekend’s deadly tornado #Mayfield #KentuckyTornado pic.twitter.com/VCc1glD9o4

— Brendan Gutenschwager (@BGOnTheScene) December 15, 2021

A truck waving a “Trump 2020” campaign flag was also captured by Gutenschwager in downtown Mayfield ahead of Biden’s visit.

Current scene in downtown Mayfield, with Biden expected to visit the city on the ground after this morning’s aerial tour #KentuckyTornado #Mayfield pic.twitter.com/uqU68HEbRc

— Brendan Gutenschwager (@BGOnTheScene) December 15, 2021

Biden’s visit to Kentucky comes shortly after he refused to visit Waukesha, Wisconsin following the vehicular murder spree that occurred at a Christmas parade in that state.

At the time, Press Secretary Jen Psaki claimed Biden would not visit the grieving community because it would take too many “assets” and “resources” in “such a difficult time of year.”