To the Bitter End: Blackface Northam Declares One More COVID Emergency, Lowers Treatment Standards Before Leaving Office

Democrat Governor Ralph Northam has renewed Virginia’s COVID-19 emergency declaration in one of his final acts as Governor, topping off what was widely considered to be one of the worst state-level responses to the virus in the entire country, nearly two years after the emergency was declared.

Northam, whose term was marked by a Blackface and Ku Klux Klan scandal, as well as stiff crackdowns on civil liberties, will exit the Office of Governor this Saturday when Republican Glenn Youngkin is sworn in for his term as Republicans see the effects of their statewide victories in the last election.

Under the latest 30-day emergency order issued by Northam, which will carry over into Youngkin’s term unless he takes action to stop it, medical standards of practice will continue to be decreased in the name of COVID-19, allowing for un-or-under-qualified healthcare providers to treat patients and distribute vaccines en masse.

Controversially, those rules have been in place for the vast majority of the COVID pandemic, with some establishment Republicans even working with Democrats to diminish medical standards.

Northam, who has expressed support for the forced vaccination of American citizens, blamed his order on the unvaccinated, claiming that they are “overwhelming” hospitals with cases of COVID’s Omicron Variant, which mimics a common cold.

The embattled Democrat, alongside other members of his party, have latched on to a hysterical narrative surrounding Omicron, using it as their latest way to crack down on civil liberties and even renew mask mandates and other measures Americans thought were gone for good.

Despite his claims of overwhelmed hospital units and burnt-out nurses, recent studies have shown that nearly half of reported COVID patients in the U.S. showed up at the hospital for a totally different reason, just happening to test positive for the virus while they were there.

After testing positive, hospitals record the data and report it to local health authorities, receiving a payday in many cases.

Additionally, from the onset of the pandemic, hospitals across the country, including in Virginia, have laid off large, sometimes unbelievable numbers of nurses.

Now, record numbers of the remaining nurses are quitting or walking off the job due to vaccine mandates, further exacerbating the problem.

While Glenn Youngkin, who was elected amidst a GOP wave as Virginians pushed back on far-left Democrats, will be inaugurated Saturday, Northam has continued rolling out his far-left agenda up until the bitter end of his term, often as Youngkin stands idly by.

When he wasn’t declaring COVID emergencies or referencing his dance skills to distract from blackface scandals, Northam also spent his time in office seeing that Virginia’s most treasured war memorials would were taken down by his pro-Black Lives Matter administration. More recently, he made sure these monuments will never be re-erected.

Again, Youngkin has stood idly by, much to the bamboozlement of the grassroots conservatives who got him elected.

While his supporters likely saw Republican leadership as a return to sanity, concerns among the grassroots about the incoming governor grow as Youngkin’s inauguration draws near.

Conservatives cite a plethora of never-Trump hires to his administration, his repeated refusal to stand for Virginia’s history, and apparent willingness to allow localities to forcibly mask kids as top concerns.

U.S. House candidate and America First conservative, Jarome Bell brought up some of those concerns during a recent appearance on the John Fredericks Radio Show telling the host that Virginia conservatives, especially the grassroots Trump supporters responsible for electing Glenn Youngkin, will have to hold his feet to the fire on key issues, saying Virginians should demand nothing less than a total end to Northam and the Democrats’ COVID-19 tyranny under GOP Governor Glenn Youngkin.

Bell has been outspoken in his opposition to COVID mask and vaccine mandates, drawing a well-defined line in the sand between himself and his GOP primary opponent Jen Kiggans who, as a State Senator, refused to back legislation that would have barred COVID vaccine mandates in Virginia.

In addition to a GOP sweep of statewide offices, Republicans took back Virginia’s House of Delegates in November’s wave election, offering Youngkin an even easier road to success should he keep his campaign promises to Virginians.

National File reached out to the Youngkin team for comment on this story, but received no response.

Watch Jarome Bell’s interview with John Fredericks below:

VA Congressional Candidate Jarome Bell: Let’s not make any mistake about it. Trump supporters got @GlennYoungkin elected.

Watch Jarome Bell’s full interview with @JFRadioShow on #OutsideTheBeltway:

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