‘Trash Quarterback’: NFL All-Pro Antonio Brown Shares His Thoughts on Colin Kaepernick

Five-time NFL All-Pro receiver Antonio Brown called Colin Kaepernick a “trash quarterback” during a recent interview. Kaepernick, now 34, has not played since 2016, though he has told teams that he is hoping to make a comeback.

During an appearance on the Cigar Talk podcast, Antonio Brown was asked whether he believed Kaepernick’s anthem protests were the reason why teams have refused to sign him. “[The NFL] gave him the money and they gave him the commercial… we don’t feel sorry for you, you took the deal!,” Brown said in reference to Kaepernick’s settlement with the NFL, which he accepted after accusing the league blackballing him over his beliefs.

“He don’t wanna play man, he was trash. Listen man, Kaepernick did all that and took the money and got the commercial. We don’t see Kaepernick outside [working].”

Antonio Brown says they don’t feel bad about Colin Kaepernick not being able to play in the NFL because he “Took the deal” and says he was trash on the field

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Brown, 33, went on to say that he likes Kaepernick on a personal level. He added that he does not respect him, however, pointing to the settlement.

Both Antonio Brown and Colin Kaepernick remain unsigned as the next NFL season looms. While Brown has played at an elite level throughout his career, Kaepernick has not played a down since 2016.

After starting the season on the bench, Kaepernick made a handful of starts for a league bottom 49ers team. Kaepernick enjoyed reasonable success on the season, though his offense relied mainly on short passes.

Lack of arm strength was a hole scouts identified in Kaepernick’s game since his college days, though the quarterback claims his arm is now stronger than ever.

Colin Kaepernick almost signed with the Baltimore Ravens in 2017, but the deal fell through. According to Ravens legend Ray Lewis, the offer was rescinded after Kaepernick’s girlfriend, Nessa Diab, compared team owner Steve Bisciotti to a slave master. Diab also compared Lewis to Samuel L. Jackson’s character from the movie Django Unchained, who was a “house slave.”

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