True The Vote Presents Ballot Drop Box Findings to Arizona Lawmakers

The election integrity group True the Vote told Arizona lawmakers that their investigation uncovered cell phone tracking data showing that alleged ballot “mules” visited drop boxes in two of the state’s largest counties no less than 5,700 times leading up to the 2020 election.

“When we started the project, we didn’t know [what we would find],” said Catherine Engelbrecht, who serves as President of True The Vote, according to The Epoch Times. “We began to think through what is a realistic expectation or threshold for when going to a dropbox is too many times. We wanted to focus on a clear, narrow data set [to demonstrate] “extreme outlier behavior.”

A number of Arizona GOP lawmakers have vowed to move forward with legislation — HB-2289 — that would ban the use of unsupervised ballot drop boxes in the state.

“The only thing I would like to see come out of this meeting is people going to jail,” said State Rep. Quang Nguyen. “I would just like to see people cuffed.”

At one point, True The Vote’s presentation was delayed while Democrat legislators discussed gun control legislation.

“This is political grandstanding, which I find is shameful,” said Arizona state Rep. Mark Finchem on Democrat-led gun control efforts. “They’re trying to suspend the rules, which is always a bad idea, to bring forward a bill that hasn’t gone to committee, and that has not had any vetting whatsoever. It’s not going to happen.”

Engelbrecht and True the Vote data investigator Gregg Phillips went on to detail the group’s investigation into ballot traffickers and the role NGO’s may have played in 2020 election fraud, The Epoch Times reported.

The group’s findings largely focused on the counties of Maricopa and Yuma, two of the state’s largest. “We resolved to try to find a path that we could measure that would be useful to law enforcement,” Engelbrecht said.

True The Vote used October 7 through November 3, 2020, as its period of focus. Over that time period, the group identified 202 target devices that made 4,242 unique dropbox visits in Maricopa County. In Yuma County, the election integrity group found 1,435 unique dropbox visits by 41 target devices based on cellphone data.

Engelbrecht said a geofence surrounds each dropbox in order to provide a “digital coordinate set” and measure how many times a device passed through the geofence. The same tracking technology is used by the U.S. government while its accuracy is “nearly perfect [like] wearing an ankle bracelet,” Engelbrecht said.

“Friends, it’s happening on all of our phones, which are attached to us at almost all times. Suffice for this purpose and for this time to say the outlier set was so extreme that it warrants serious consideration, one that we hope this body before us will consider,” Engelbrecht went on to say.

True The Vote ultimately advised that Arizona lawmakers clear the state’s voter rolls using real-time technology, and to eliminate the use of drop boxes.

This is big. It’s all out there. The fraud has been exposed.

Get the handcuffs ready.

— Kari Lake for AZ Governor (@KariLake) May 31, 2022


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