Trump Defends January 6 Protest, Calls It The ‘Greatest Movement’ In Country’s History

The morning before the first public House hearings concerning the January 6 Capitol protests, Donald Trump defended his supporters and their actions.

The former president called the protest, “the greatest movement in the history of our Country to Make America Great Again,” in a Truth Social statement.

Trump bashed the January 6th Committee and prominent Democrats. “The Unselect Committee didn’t spend one minute studying the reason that people went to Washington DC, in massive numbers, far greater than the Fake News Media is willing to report, or that the Unselects are willing to even mention, because January 6th was not simply a protest, it represented the greatest movement in the history of our Country to Make America Great again,” he wrote.

“It was about an Election that was Rigged and Stolen, and a Country that was about to go to HELL..& look at our Country now!” Trump added.

He went on to place blame on House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Washington DC Mayor Muriel Bowser. Trump claimed he encouraged the two individuals to send the National Guard to DC to keep the protest orderly, but they refused.

“Crazy Nancy Pelosi turned down the offer, she didn’t like the way it looked. Likewise, the Mayor of DC. Had they taken up the offer, there would have been no January 6th. The Unselects have ruled Pelosi ‘off limits, no questions.’ The hearing is another political HOAX to counter Inflation ect.”

The Jan 6 committee hearings will take place Thursday at 8:00 PM EST and contain witness testimonies and video footage.

The two witnesses testifying Thursday will be U.S. Capitol Police Officer Caroline Edwards, and videographer Nick Quested, who filmed the protest.

The Jan 6 Committee is majority Democratic with only two Republicans on the nine-member committee. The two Republicans on the committee are prominent anti-Trumpers, Rep. Adam Kinzinger and Rep. Liz Cheney.

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