UK: Romanian Sex Trafficker Can’t Be Deported After Judge Ruled Jail Would Affect Her Mental Health

A Romanian who illegally trafficked young girls into sex slavery in the Czech Republic cannot be deported back to her home country to serve her sentence, after a British judge ruled jail would affect her mental health.

Ildiko Enderle, a 45-year-old Romanian sex trafficker, was placed on Europol’s Most Wanted List, after selling teenage girls from the Czech Republic and her home country into slavery in the Czech Republic. Enderle promised them jobs and accomodation in journey, but the girls, some as young as 15, instead became prostitutes at a nightclub called Lady Bar 69. Enderle reportedly beat the girls repeatedly if they refused to sleep with a “client.”

Enderle was sentenced to 7 years in prison by a Romanian court in 2014, but escaped the country and fled to the UK. She was eventually found by Manchester police in December 2019, after 4 European Arrest Warrants were placed out for her. Initially, the Romanian sex trafficker was expected to extradited to Romania, after Westminster Magistrates Court ordered her deportation.

However, last month, Judge James Holman, of the High Court of England and Wales, blocked her removal from the country. Enderle had claimed that because her daughter and partner had now settled in the UK, she would suffer “anxiety” at the prospect of not seeing them again. Despite Holman condemning her “vile” crimes, he claimed that extraditing her to Romania would somehow be too “oppressive.”

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Conservative MP Tim Loughton told The Sun that the release of Enderle “beggars belief,” slamming the actions of Judge Holman. “It is incredible that she will avoid serving her sentence because a judge appears to put her welfare ahead of the young women she so cruelly exploited,” Loughton argued.

In November, anti-deportation activists blocked the road in front of a detention centre near Gatwick Airport, to stop various Jamaican criminals being removed from the country. Most of those who were expected to board the flight were removed from the passenger list as a result.

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