VA Delegate Calls for Lia Thomas to Surrender His Women’s Swimming Title

Virginia Delegate Wren Williams is calling for the University of Pennsylvania to surrender the women’s national swimming championship claimed by biological male Lia Thomas. Williams says the University of Virginia’s Emma Weyant, a biological woman who finished in 2nd place behind Thomas in the championship race, is the true national champ and that both schools should take a stand to save women’s sports.

The world of women’s swimming has been embroiled in controversy as of late, as biological male Lia Thomas has been allowed by the NCAA to compete as a women for the University of Pennsylvania. Thomas initially competed for the school as a man named Will, coming nowhere near a national championship before proclaiming womanhood and moving to swim against female opponents. At the recent national championship meet, Thomas became the “first trans woman” to win an NCAA championship, taking first place in the women’s 500-yard freestyle. As Thomas was crowned the national champion, boos reigned down from the audience, along with shouts of “he’s a man!”

Coming in 2nd place behind Thomas was the University of Virignia’s Emma Weyant, who is just a freshman but has already won a silver medal competing against other biological women in the 2021 Tokyo Olympics. Many of her fellow swimminers and fans of the sport are already calling Weyant the true 2022 national champ and now Delegate Wren Wiliams (R-9) wants to make it official, calling on both schools to take action to save women’s sports.

“Freshman Emma Weyant swam an incredible race in the Division One National Championship. She was the rightful winner of the Five-hundreds-yard freestyle. But Emma’s hard-fought, career-making title was stolen by a biological man,” Williams, a former Trump election attorney-turned Delegate said in a press release.

“I’m calling for the University of Pennsylvania and Lia Thomas to surrender their stolen title, and together with the University of Virginia, stand up for women and girls everywhere,” Williams continued. “That means declaring Emma Weyant the rightful winner.”

Williams went on to call out the left for their open assault on women’s sports, calling it a “total sham” and saying that “the radical left is cheering on biological men as they steal women’s trophies and mock their efforts.”

“It’s shameful and no one should stand for it,” Williams said of the situation, also remarking that he hopes Emma Weyant is getting a “champions welcome” at UVA.

While both schools operate in what can only be described as decidedly left-wing environments, at the ground level, opposition to men in women’s sports is swelling. 16 UPENN women’s swimmers penned a letter to school and Ivy League officials earlier this year protesting the Thomas’s biological advantages over women and several olympians and other high-level have spoken out as well.

Governor Ron DeSantis of Florida, Weyant’s home state, signed a proclamation this week declaring her the true national champion.

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