Video: Belligerent Customers Destroy NYC Restaurant, Attack Employees Over $1.75 Charge

Last Updated on July 7, 2022

Shocking footage posted to Twitter shows three women destroying a Manhattan restaurant after they got frustrated over a $1.75 upcharge for extra sauce.

According to the NYPD, the incident occurred at Bel Fires, a french fry restaurant, Sunday at 4:10 AM.

Video posted to Twitter shows a group of three African American women throwing bottles, a stool, and other food items toward employees, as well as destroying a plexiglass cover set in front of the cash registers.

A crowd of spectators in the restaurant are seen cheering on and laughing as the three women physically assault employees and destroy the restaurant’s property. At one point, one of the women felt inspired to twerk on top of the counter, which invigorated the crowd.

According to one of the restaurant’s employees, Chef Rafael Nuñez, tensions flared after the women were informed it was a $1.75 upcharge for extra sauce.

They wanted extra sauce for the fries, and when we explained that it costs $1.75, they got upset. And that’s where it all started,” Nuñez told Univision.

“We explained to them that this is a business rule and that it is the same for everyone, but they did not understand,” Nuñez added.

The employee filming the incident can be heard warning the women “you’re gonna go to jail” as they continue to relentlessly trash the place.

The police report states over $250 of restaurant property was damaged and two employees suffered lacerations to their heads.

Nuñez said the women “destroyed the place’s computers, the cash register, the sauce pumps and they took cash.”

The restaurant was closed Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday following the violent attack on its front counter and kitchen area.

The NYPD arrested and charged Pearl Ozoria, 27, of Manhattan; Chitara Plasencia, 25, of Brooklyn and Tatiyanna Johnson, 23, of Brooklyn with robbery and criminal mischief.

According to the New York Post, Ozoria is facing charges of assault of a police officer, resisting arrest, obstructing governmental administration, and disorderly conduct after she allegedly punched a cop in the face while being arrested.

WATCH the video:

Bel fires in NYC. Unclear how this started or what day it was on . #news #NewYorkCity #NYC

— Viral News NY (@ViralNewsNYC) July 6, 2022

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