Video: Black Neighborhood Mobilizes to Beat White Man, Steal His Car in Brutal Mob Attack

Video footage captured a brutal mob attack shows dozens of black men beating a lone white man and stealing his car in broad daylight along a neighborhood street. 

The video, which was reportedly filmed in Michigan, shows the dozens-strong mob of black men mercilessly beating the white motorist, who was out of his car by the time the video started. It is unclear whether the man was physically removed from the vehicle or had exited on his own accord. Throughout the video, multiple individuals are seen delivering indiscriminate punches and kicks to the victim, as he tries and fails to get back into his own vehicle.

“They stole his car! They got his car!” a voice behind the camera recording the attack can be heard cheering, as the car is driven away down the street. Though the victim gave a brief chase on foot, he was quickly swarmed again by the mob and taken to the ground for another round of merciless beating. As more punches and kicks flew, other mob members circled the action on motorbikes, with one of them appearing poised to run the man over. 

Despite the caught-on-camera crime footage, police and corporate media reporting on the issue appear to be non-existent and it is still unclear exactly where the attack took place.

The entire hood came out to beat this white man and they stole his car. Leftists be like ‘stop profiling people’.

— Clown World (@NippiestKrankie) June 11, 2022

The black-on-white mob beating, scenes of which are becoming increasingly common in America’s crime-ridden cities, bears a resemblance to one that took place at New Jersey Juneteenth celebration last year and was covered at the time by National File while also being ignored by corporate media outlets. In that attack, a large black crowd cheered as a white woman was savagely beaten as the celebration to mark the 1865 end of slavery devolved into a riot.

While video footage of the Juneteenth attack has since been repeatedly censored by big tech, it has been reposted and is available for viewing below.

This video has been repeatedly censored by #BigTech, but I will repost it here as it bears resemblance to the more recent mob attack on a white motorist in Michigan. Corporate media has ignored both stories. The footage below was captured at a 2021 Juneteenth celebration in NJ.

— Frankie Stockes – Reporter (@stockes76) June 13, 2022

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