VIDEO: Cruz Calls Trump Supporters Terrorists, Remembers ‘Heroic’ Capitol Police on ‘Solemn’ 1/6 Anniversary

Texas Sen. Ted Cruz called Trump supporters terrorists and hailed the “heroic” actions of Capitol Police on January 6, 2021, a date Cruz calls  “solemn” one. Cruz did not mention to mention the point blank firearm death of unarmed Air Force veteran Ashli Babbit, but ostensibly believes the officer who shot her is a hero.

The remarks from Cruz came during a hearing of the Senate Rules Committee, where legislators asked Capitol Police Chief Thomas Manger what he thinks could have been done differently to prevent the January 6th, 2021 “terrorist attack” from unfolding as American voters demonstrated against election fraud.

“Thank you for your service,” Cruz said as he addressed Manger. “And I want to start by thanking the heroic service of the men and women who serve alongside you.”

“We are approaching a solemn anniversary this week,” Cruz went on. “And it is an anniversary of a violent terrorist attack on the Capitol where we saw the men and women of law enforcement demonstrate incredible courage, incredible bravery, risk their lives to defend the men and women who serve in this Capitol.”

“My view is that anyone who commits an act of violence should be prosecuted and anyone who assaults a law enforcement officer should go to jail for a very long time,” continued Cruz. “And I think that’s a principle that is true regardless of the politics of the violent criminal, whether they are right-wing, left-wing or they got no wings at all.”

Watch Ted Cruz call Trump supporters terrorists:

“As we reflect on what happened a year ago, it is also worth asking – as we have, as this committee has, as this Congress has, I know you have – what could have been done differently? What could have prevented the breach of the Capitol, what could have prevented the riot from getting as far as it did,” questioned Cruz, incuriously.

Cruz also failed to mention the death of American Air Force veteran Ashli Babbitt, the unarmed demonstrator shot dead by federal law enforcement inside the Capitol building on 1/6 from the opposite side of a locked door and did not respond to a request for comment from National File, asking whether or not he believes the officer who killed her to also be a “hero.”

Cruz was one of eight GOP Senators to originally object to the certification of contested electoral votes in the 2020 Presidential Election, only to stand down and allow the votes to go through after lawmakers returned to the legislative chambers following the 1/6 demonstrations. National File also asked Senator Cruz what changed during that time period about the contested votes and whether or not he had determined them to be legitimate, therefore changing his vote to affirm the counts and make Joe Biden President. Cruz and his staff didn’t respond to that question either.

Long before Cruz joined hands with Democrats to approve contested votes and make Joe Biden President of the United States, a hardcore contingent of Cruz supporters attempted to subvert the 2016 GOP nomination process and snatch the GOP nomination for President away from Donald Trump, who had won a convincing primary victory and was preparing to accept the party’s nomination at its convention. Cruz supporters ran desperate efforts to steal the nomination from Trump until the very last minute, with many of his hardcore supporters becoming so-called “Never Trumpers” and fracturing the GOP, though it wasn’t enough to stop Trump from being elected President.

This is not the first time Cruz has sided against Trump supporters over January 6.

Last year, he called the mostly peaceful protests a “terrorist attack” and said that he supports investigating, prosecuting, and incarcerating the Trump supporters who went inside the Capitol.

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