Video: Democrat Rep. Spanberger Rejects Biden Campaign Help, Won’t Say if She Will Back Him in 2024

Last Updated on July 2, 2022

Democrat Representative Abigail Spanberger (VA-7) rejected the idea of campaigning for re-election alongside Joe Biden in this year’s midterms and wouldn’t say whether or not she will support a Biden-Harris White House ticket in 2024 during a recent Fox News interview. Spanberger is a former CIA agent who masquerades as a moderate in election years, only to vote in lockstep with the Biden and Pelosi agendas on Capitol Hill.

Spanberger’s public rejection of Joe Biden’s campaign assistance, and her declining to support his 2024 ticket, came during a recent Fox News interview with Dana Perino, profiling the competitive midterm race in Virginia’s 7th District. Though the 7th District has historically been red, demographic shifts and changes in the district lines turned it purple, with Spanberger first winning election to Congress in 2018.

In 2020, her race for re-election was decided by an incredibly close margin. Late in the night, when the election was close to being called, Spanberger was trailing Republican challenger Nick Freitas when thousands of Democrat votes were miraculously discovered on a discarded USB flash drive, keeping the district blue for at least two more years.

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Now, Spanberger, who is increasingly unpopular and has tried to publicly distance herself from Joe Biden, Nancy Pelosi, and Democrat leadership faces a challenge from GOP nominee and Prince William County Supervisor plus law enforcement officer Yesli Vega. Vega is endorsed by Freedom Caucus member Bob Good, the Representative from Virginia’s neighboring 5th District. The race with Vega presents a challenge for Spanberger, who is seen as being underwater in the district that is expected to lean slightly more Republican after a recent round of redistricting, and where she only won in 2020 after the aforementioned flash drive miracle.

During her interview with Fox News’ Dana Perino, Spanberger seemed to outright reject bringing Biden to the district to campaign in ’22, despite appearing with him there on other occasions, most recently in February at a community college named for the Democrat-donor family of a convicted pedophile.

“Do you think you’ll have President Biden come campaign with you in that district?” Perino asked Spanberger during a televised interview. 

“I intend to do the campaigning myself,” Spanberger fired back, rejecting Biden’s assistance. “I am the candidate, it’s my name on the ballot.”

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Furthermore, she struggled to dance her way around supporting the Democrat’s Biden-Harris ticket in 2024, telling Perino that she is “looking squarely towards 2022” instead.

“I’m looking squarely towards 2022 and the re-election ahead of me uhhh working to make sure that voters across Virginia’s 7th District know what I’ve been doing on their behalf,” said Spanberger, who recently voted in Congress to codify abortion and implement Biden’s gun control agenda.

Watch Abigail Spanberger avoid supporting Joe Biden below: