VIDEO: Documentary Exposing Terry McAuliffe’s Failed Electric Car Company, Ties To China Resurfaces

A nearly decade-old short movie by the name of Fast Terry has resurfaced online ahead of Election Day in Virginia, re-exposing the long history of seedy business moves and deep Communist Chinese ties of Democrat nominee for Governor and longtime Clinton operative Terry McAuliffe. Producers bill the film as “the movie Terry McAuliffe doesn’t want you to see” before Election Day.

The 30-minute Fast Terry movie, directed by Jason Meath, funded by Citizens United, and released in 2013, profiles some of the communities unfortunate enough to have been ripped off by Terry McAuliffe and his largely Communist Chinese business associates.

The stories of shady dealings and broken promises are strikingly similar no matter where McAuliffe and his big carpetbag attempted to lay down business or political roots, and they always seem to coalesce around the green industries that McAuliffe and his fellow Democrats have so long sought to fund with taxpayer money.

Fast Terry, billed by its producers as “the movie Terry McAuliffe doesn’t want you to see” was initially released ahead of Virginia’s 2013 Election, which ultimately made McAuliffe Governor after he had suffered a humiliating defeat in the Democrat primary just 4 years earlier. Now, as an unpopular McAuliffe seeks a second non-consecutive term and Election Day closes in, the movie is once again gaining traction.

Fast Terry was produced to finally shed light on a man who has embellished his business record,” an “About Terry” section on the film’s website reads. “Terry McAuliffe has been a flamboyant political fundraiser who built his businesses and wealth through political connections,” the section continues. “From chief fundraiser for the Democratic Party, to the Clintons’ right hand man, McAuliffe has profited from being at the center of power.

In this 30-minute documentary, Fast Terry exposes how McAuliffe’s politically motivated business decisions and empty promises have impacted the lives of Americans from Franklin, Virginia to Tunica, Mississippi.”

Watch the full Fast Terry movie:

The Fast Terry movie proceeds to hone in on McAuliffe’s sketchy business dealings surrounding the Communist Chinese-born GreenTech car company, which McAuliffe purchased, and attempted to move to Virginia before ultimately setting up shop in Tunica, Mississippi, receiving millions in financial support from the state government. The company was also tied to Anthony Rodham, the brother of Hillary Clinton, and Rodham was named in a lawsuit eventually filed against him and McAuliffe by their Communist Chinese backers over the failed venture.

Despite promising a massive supply of new jobs to Mississippi and the Tunica region, McAuliffe’s GreenTech company acted more as a dog and pony show meant to impress Communist Chinese investors, former employees say.

According to ex-GreenTech workers, McAuliffe ran a make-believe operation where workers who were hired to build cars spent the days sweeping up the facility and trying to “look busy.” According to the former employees, many of whom were promised steady work almost immediately before being laid off, they only built vehicles when Communist Chinese investors were on the scene for inspections.

Also featured in Fast Terry are the dealings of McAuliffe in the small town of Franklin, Virginia, where he claimed on many occasions to be operating a company named Franklin Pellets, producing wood pellets in a plant run by International Paper and S.T. Tissues. McAuliffe told investors, reporters, and voters on many occasions that he was creating green biofuel jobs in the plant, though locals told interviewers that the Franklin Pellets operation didn’t even exist and that the Franklin Pellets company was effectively operating nothing.

“That’s a bold-faced [lie],” one Franklin resident said of McAuliffe’s business and job-creating claims.  “I know there are two companies over there, one of them’s S.T. and one of them’s International Paper.”

“There is no Franklin Pellets, no,” another resident told the camera.

After becoming Governor, McAuliffe reportedly divested from both failed business operations.

McAuliffe has long been known in the political and business world as a Clinton-tied showman with questionable motives and practices, and in the final days of Virginia’s Gubernatorial race, in which Republican Glenn Youngkin appears poised to defeat McAuliffe, Democrats have pulled out all the stops and have even been accused of having ties to a hate hoax.

Following campaign stumps from Barrack Obama, Stacey Abrams, and Joe Biden, individuals identified as Democrat operatives dressed in white button-down shirts and pro-Trump baseball caps, carried tiki torches and posed in front of Glenn Youngkin’s campaign bus during a stump in Charlottesville, attempting to draw comparisons to the Unite the Right rally. “We’re all in for Glenn,” the group reportedly said.

The anti-Trump Lincoln Project, which has been tied to pedophilia and has financially supported McAuliffe’s run for Governor, has claimed responsibility for the incident.


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