VIDEO: Dust Bowl-Like Winds Blow Dirt Across Kansas Town, Down Power Lines, Spread Fires And Close Roads

Video captured across the state of Kansas shows the impact of severe weather in the state, with video from one of the KDGL TV towers in western Kansas showing dirt blowing rapidly over the plains.

National File spoke with KGDL TV’s Brian Adams, who told us that he was concerned the wind would take his station off the air. Adams captured video from a camera installed on his tower in Sublette, Kansas, and posted it to social media. KDGL also broadcast a live feed of the extreme wind to its viewers.

DUST BOWL: Kansas TV station KDGL captures video showing massive plumes of dust blowing over the town of Sublette

Much of the state is under severe weather warnings

— National File (@NationalFile) December 15, 2021

In another video, viewers can see the communications tower appear to sway under the punishment of severe wind.

One viewer commented, “Looks like Southwest Kansas is blowing away today, wow!”

Also in the western part of the state, an out of control grass fire has sparked evacuations in Sheridan County, with residents told to leave the area immediately.

In Wichita, the largest city in the state, power lines were torn down by the wind in the northern part of the city, leaving residents and businesses without power for several hours on Wednesday.

According to KWCH, a TV station in that city, it, the Kansas Humane Society animal shelter, and a local high school were among those left without power. Buses in the city will also be avoiding highways as a safety precaution. Roads across the state have also been closed where travel was deemed dangerous.

This comes as Joe Biden tours the devastation wrought by tornadoes in Kentucky, and was greeted with skepticism by some local residents who believed the 46th President only visited their small town as a photo opportunity.

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