VIDEO: Elderly, Incoherent Jesse Jackson To Lead Protests After Kyle Rittenhouse Verdict

An elderly and difficult to understand Rev. Jesse Jackson appeared before the press today and promised to lead marches in Georgia and Kenosha, Wisconsin with the goal of influencing the outcome of the Ahmaud Arbery trial and demanding a new, federal investigation into Kyle Rittenhouse following his acquittal.

Jackson, who is 80, appeared before the media and made quiet, largely inaudible statements. “We have and need a Department of Justice,” said Jackson, before trailing off into inaudible speech. Jackson was then interrupted by his spokesperson.

“The verdict yesterday brought about a blemish on our Democracy and a sad day in our nation as this jury gave value and vindication to vigilantism and vigilante justice,” said the spokesman.

“Equal to this is the judicial bias of a judge that even during court proceedings,” the spokesman continued. “I was there, where the theme song of a former president was played in the court room,” Jackson’s representative added, referencing “God Bless the USA” – otherwise known as “Proud To Be An American” – by Lee Greenwood, a song frequently played at President Donald Trump’s rallies.

He continued, “Reverend Jackson will be joining marchers here in Chicago at 2 o’clock today and again tomorrow in Kenosha at 2 o’clock as we are marching all over America utilizing the tools of civil rights and social justice” and added that “Peace, protest, and civil disobedience are the means by which we are going to fight this fight.”

The spokesman also said that Jackson will appeal to Joe Biden and Merrick Garland’s Department of Justice and Members of Congress to demand a federal investigation into whether Rittenhouse violated the law when he “crossed interstate lines carrying an unlicensed weapon.” The spokesman suggested Jackson will also call for an investigation into Rittenhouse’s family.

“His mother aided and abetted him,” the spokesman declared, before being cut off by retching noises from Jackson as he began to speak.

“Cover up 16 shots,” the 80-year-old Jackson said, with most of his speech again inaudible. “They lied,” he continued. “Arbery in the uh Georgia … Cover up … no judge in the county would try the court case, intimidation, so we are demanding justice in the streets today, thank you. Questions?”

All questions were answered, again, by Jackson’s spokesman.

At the end of the press conference, Jackson looked around with a confused expression on his face. “Lord, lord, lord,” said Jackson, eyes darting around the room. “Thank you very much.”

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