Video: Florida Governor Ron DeSantis Calls for Lawsuits Against Pro-Trans Doctors Who ‘Castrate’ Kids

Last Updated on August 3, 2022

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis spoke out against the pro-trans doctors who perform “gender-affirming” surgeries on children deemed trans, saying that those who remove the breasts of young girls and castrate young boys in pursuit of transgenderism should be sued.

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis blasted Doctors who perform “gender-affirming” surgeries on children during a Wednesday speaking engagement, saying that his administration has stood up from both a health perspective and a children’s well-being perspective to oppose the trans kid industry promoted by elected Democrats and some within the left-wing of the medical community.

“Talk about these very young kids getting ‘gender-affirming care,’ they don’t tell you what that is,” Florida Governor DeSantis said. “They’re actually giving very young girls double mastectomies, they want to castrate these young boys – that’s wrong,” he went on, before calling attention to medical statistics surrounding gender dysphoria and calling for those targeting children with life-altering transgender surgeries to be sued.

“And so we’ve stood up and said, both from the health and children’s well-being perspective, you know, you don’t disfigure 10, 12, 13-year-old kids based on gender dysphoria. 80% of it resolves anyways by the time they get older. So why would you be doing this? I think these doctors need to get sued for what’s happening.”

Watch Governor Ron DeSantis speak out against the doctors castrating kids:

#BREAKING: Gov. Ron DeSantis calls for doctors to be sued for providing children suffering from gender dysphoria double mastectomies and castrations

“They wanna castrate these young boys – that’s wrong … I think these doctors need to get sued for what’s happening.”

— Florida’s Voice (@FLVoiceNews) August 3, 2022

DeSantis’s remarks come as the issue of peddling transgenderism to children continues to be a political hot topic, leading to the mobilization of many previously apolitical or liberal parents against the radical left.

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Just last month, the FDA admitted that the puberty blockers being prescribed to “trans” children to halt their bodies’ natural development can lead to potentially-lethal brain swelling as well as vision loss, though the drugs weren’t removed from the market, instead being slapped with mere warning labels.

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Earlier this year, after Florida Surgeon General Joseph Ladapo pushed back on Biden Administration guidelines recommending the use of puberty blockers in children “diagnosed” with gender dysphoria, transgender Assistant Health Secretary Rachel Levine claimed that there is “no argument” against their use.

Levine and others within the Biden Administration have been vocal in their opposition to Governor Ron DeSantis and his administration over their opposition to performing gender reassignment surgeries on children who aren’t even old enough to get a tattoo, with Levine claiming that performing gender reassignment surgeries on children ranks high in “value” and “importance.”

Biden Admin: Puberty Blockers for ‘Trans Kids’ are ‘Necessary,’ the ‘Best Practice’