VIDEO: Greg Abbott Booed At ‘Save America’ Rally, Tries To Save Face By Repeating ‘Donald J. Trump’

Texas Governor Greg Abbott was booed at former President Trump’s Save America Rally in Texas last night, so he responded by repeatedly yelling “Donald J. Trump” at the massive crowd.

Republican Texas Governor Greg Abbott, who faces a potential defeat in his upcoming bid for re-election to gubernatorial challenger Lt. Col. Allen West, was booed at President Donald Trump’s latest Save America rally in Conroe, Texas.

When the loudspeaker announced Governor Abbott’s appearance, he was met with loud boos and slammed for shutting down churches, with members of the crowd accusing him of being a RINO (Republican-in-name-only).

“Abbott sucks!” one person said. “You’re a RINO!” said another. “Liar Abbott! Abbott’s a RINO!” people shouted.

Greg Abbott booed at Trump rally#FireAbbott

— Jake Lloyd Colglazier (@JakeLColglazier) January 30, 2022

Keep sharing footage of @GregAbbott_TX getting booed at the #TrumpRally in Conroe.#FireAbbott & #HireHuffines.

— Texans Against Greg Abbott (@FireAbbott) January 30, 2022

It appears that in order to prevent the crowd of thousands from continuing to boo him, Governor Abbott proceeded to say the words “Donald J. Trump” over and over.

Greg Abbott realizes that the only way to keep the MAGA crowd from booing him is to just keep saying, ‘Donald J Trump’ over and over again. So he does.

— Ron Filipkowski (@RonFilipkowski) January 30, 2022

“Are you ready for Donald J. Trump? Donald J. Trump is ready for you. Donald J. Trump loves the great state of Texas and Texans love President Donald J. Trump. He is getting ready to come out here and he wants to see you show your support for our president, Donald J. Trump,” Governor Abbott repeated to the crowd.

Governor Abbott’s popularity has drastically dwindled due to public disapproval of his handling of the illegal alien crisis at the southern border, his role in COVID-19 tyranny, and slow-rolling the halt of child genital mutilation in Texas.

During the pandemic, Abbott issued totalitarian lockdown orders limiting public gatherings to 10 people, closing schools, prohibiting visitors to nursing homes and retirement communities, limiting bars and restaurants to take-out, and recommended that so-called “non-essential” employees work virtually or over the phone.

To add, millions of illegal aliens have crossed the southern border and have made their way into the United States under his watch.

A Paradigm Partners poll published on recently showed the Governor with just 32.52 percent support among likely Republican primary voters in the state, far behind former Texas GOP chair Allen West on 38.36 percent.

In response to the poll, the West Campaign said “Texas deserves true conservative leadership that will end the invasion at the border, stop the mutilation of children at the altar of gender dysphoria, and end the sex slavery crisis that is engulfing every part of Texas from our quiet border towns to the sprawls of Dallas and Houston.”

“The working people of Texas and their children deserve to be safe, own their own home by transitioning from the Marxist property tax system, and be free from tyrannical overreach whether it comes from Washington, D.C. or Austin, TX,” the statement continued.

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