Video: Infamous Ukrainian Unit Greases Bullets in Pig Fat for Use Against Chechen Muslims

Video has emerged in which fighters with the Ukrainian National Guard can be seen greasing their bullets in pig fat in preparation for combat against Chechen Muslims fighting on behalf of Russia.

Chechnya, often described as the “wild dog” of the Russian sphere, has long been inhabited by a Muslim majority. The region of Russia, which enjoys some autonomy, previously fought for its independence, but politicos and fighters alike have now largely bought into Vladimir Putin’s agenda. This is mostly due to support from Ramzan Kadyrov, a powerful Chechen warlord whose father Akhmat famously switched sides in the second Chechen war.

Chechen fighters, many of whom gained extensive combat experience volunteering as “holy fighters” against Americans in the Middle East, have developed a reputation over the years for ruthlessness.

Early reports from the current Russo-Ukrainian conflict indicated that Putin had called on the Chechens to spearhead the Russian march towards Kiev, telling them that their objective was to kill or capture Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy, who has refused to evacuate himself from the besieged capital city.

Now, video footage has emerged showing Ukrainian National Guard members greasing their bullets in pig fat in preparation for combat against Chechen fighters. As Muslims, the Chechens are strictly forbidden from eating or otherwise consuming pig products, with violators facing an eternity in hell, according to the Koran.

The Ukrainian fighters, who are reportedly affiliated with a right-wing militia called “Azov,” say that the bullets, combined with pig fat, will send the Chechens straight to hell, and deny them the “paradise” they are promised under Islam if they die in battle against an army of non-believers. The militia posted footage of their bullet-greasing scheme to Twitter, where it went viral almost immediately.

Twitter, which has admittedly sought to tightly control the “emerging narratives” coming out of Ukraine, censored the Tweet, claiming it violates the tech giant’s policy against “hateful content,” though they say it is in the “public’s interest” to leave the video online, complete with a trigger warning-style disclaimer.

Ukrainian National Guard fighters grease their bullets with pig fat for use against Muslim Chechens

— Frankie Stockes – Reporter (@stockes76) February 28, 2022

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