Video: Jen Kiggans Flees 2nd District GOP Picnic Ahead of Jarome Bell’s Speech

Jen Kiggans was caught on video fleeing a GOP picnic before her primary opponent, Jarome Bell, was given the microphone to speak. Kiggans, whose far-left State Senate voting record has dogged her throughout the campaign, has been notably absent from public events that put her head-to-head with her America First counterpart, even sending a surrogate to debate on her behalf.

Jarome Bell and Jen Kiggans are expected to duke it out at the top of the 2nd District’s GOP field where the winner will take on China-tied Democrat incumbent Elaine Luria this November. Reminiscent of other races around the country, battle lines in the district have been formed dividing the grassroots campaign and America First platform of Jarome Bell from the establishment-backed campaign and “consultant-driven” platform of Jen Kiggans, who has refused to even utter President Trump’s name in interviews.

While Bell touts endorsements from America First icons like General Flynn and Freedom Caucus Rep. Bob Good, Jen Kiggans’ campaign is backed by Kevin McCarthy – who she says she’ll support for Speaker of the House – and is being bankrolled by the establishment’s Congressional Leadership Fund. Despite her big money backing, Kiggans has failed to secure frontrunner status in the GOP race while Bell has generated massive grassroots support, topping fundraising charts and gaining the edge in recent polling data.

Throughout the primary campaign, Kiggans has tried to duck her left-wing State Senate voting record, which includes support for far-left, pro-trans legislation as well as support for Democrats’ takeover of Virginia’s elections. Kiggans voted in 2020 for Democrats’ SB 868, also known as the Virginia Values Act, which was directly cited by the state’s education department in forcing schools to open girls’ restrooms to men and adopt “trans-affirming” policies.

Furthermore, while Kiggans frequently touts her experience as a nurse on the campaign trail, she has been blasted for her lack of support for the medical freedom of Virginians.

As National File previously reported, Kiggans helped Democrats block a Republican bill that would have protected the jobs of unvaccinated workers and volunteered to jab Virginians at one of Ralph Northam’s vaccine distribution sites.

At a recent picnic held in Isle of Wight County to acquaint GOP voters with those running for Congress, a microphone went from candidate to candidate and each congressional hopeful was given a few moments to speak. In video footage recorded of the event, Jen Kiggans can be seen wearing red and quickly leaving, alongside another individual, while candidate Andy Baan addresses the crowd and Jarome Bell awaits his turn to speak.

Watch Jen Kiggans flee the Isle of Wight GOP picnic below, pictured in red:

#RINO Jen Kiggans was caught on tape fleeing a #VA2 GOP picnic before #MAGA candidate Jarome Bell took the mic. Kiggans is backed by Kevin McCarthy and has been unable to defend her far left voting record, even skipping debates and sending a proxy in her place.

— Frankie Stockes – Reporter (@stockes76) May 24, 2022

Kiggans’ ducking of Bell and of being held accountable for her own voting record at the picnic in Isle of Wight is far from the first time she’s fled from her opponents on the campaign trail. Kiggans has refused to show up to any of the multiple GOP debates or candidate forums held during her run for the 2nd District’s nomination to Congress. She even sent ex-GOP establishment Congresswoman Thelma Dukes to one forum, to debate for her by proxy.

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