Video: Jen Kiggans Literally Runs From Pro-Trans Record in New Campaign Ad

Establishment Republican Jen Kiggans is literally running from her pro-trans voting record in a new campaign ad ahead of her June 21st primary in Virginia’s 2nd Congressional District. Throughout the primary campaign, Kiggans has tried to duck her left-wing State Senate voting record, which includes support for Democrat legislation opening girls’ bathrooms up to men and fundamentally re-writing the Virginia Human Rights Act in the image of the LGBT lobby.

Jen Kiggans starts her new campaign ad running down a neighborhood street, giving the impression that she’s quite literally running from her far-left, pro-trans voting record as she speaks against “liberal one-party rule in Washington.” That talking point is almost identical to one she’s used in her State Senate campaign and career, bemoaning liberal one-party rule in Richmond before crossing the aisle to vote with Democrats on a litany of far-left legislation, including the so-called Virginia Values Act, which opened girls’ restrooms up to men and “criminalized Christianity” at the behest of the far-left LGBT lobby.

Virginia’s education department cited the VVA in forcing public schools to adopt pro-trans bathroom and pronoun policies, but despite her vote, Kiggans pops up in a school setting in the campaign ad and claims that she has “protected our kids from transgender policies,” a claim she’s increasingly made on the campaign trail in direct contradiction to reality.

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Kiggans shared the ad in a Facebook post, writing that those drawing attention to her record are “ridiculous” and “desperate” before being forced to go on the defensive in the comment section as voters questioned various aspects of her left-wing voting record and her lack of support for President Trump. Though Kiggans told radio host John Fredericks during an interview that she will support Kevin McCarthy for Speaker of the House should she be elected to Congress, she refused to throw her support behind a Trump presidential run in 2024. When asked the same question by a voter in the comment section, she still refused to provide a direct answer, merely attacking her campaign’s opponents.

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According to polling data surveying the electorate in Virginia’s 2nd Congressional District, Kiggans is down against America First candidate Jarome Bell in her party’s primary, despite her having the support of the GOP establishment. When the two are pitted in a hypothetical match-up against Democrat incumbent and close Pelosi ally Elaine Luria, Bell fairs better, leading Democrats to ratchet up their attacks against him in recent weeks.