Video: ‘Just Stop’ Oil Climate Nuts Glue Themselves to Da Vinci’s ‘The Last Supper’

Last Updated on July 5, 2022

Radically left-wing Just Stop Oil demonstrators glued themselves to Leonardo Da Vinci’s The Last Supper painting in protest of oil and other fossil fuels, choosing to attack the painting of Jesus Christ and his disciples because it was created with oil-based paint.

Far-left climate nuts with Just Stop Oil, a group run by “experienced organizers” from Extinction Rebellion and Insulate Britain, have launched an anti-oil campaign in which they protest the fossil fuel that is used in manufacturing countless everyday items by gluing themselves to masterpieces created with oil-based paint. In recent weeks, the group’s members have glued themselves to numerous historic artworks and also made headlines by storming the track at the British Grand Prix, protesting the oil-based fuels burnt by racing vehicles.

Today, members of the group stormed into Britain’s Royal Academy and set upon Leonardo Da Vinci’s world famous, 15th-century masterpiece, The Last Supper, in a bizarre stunt captured on video. Beneath the painting, the group scrawled the phrase “NO NEW OIL” in white capital lettering and another member lectured bystanders on a megaphone.

“When I was teaching, I brought students here,” Just Stop Oil member Lucy Porter said at the scene. “It feels unfair to expect them to respect our culture when the government is hellbent on destroying their future with new oil and gas projects,” she went on, explaining what led her to glue herself to the painting, alongside other Just Stop Oil members.

Activist Lucy Porter said: “When I was teaching I brought students here. It feels unfair to expect them to respect our culture when the Government is hellbent on destroying their future with new new oil and gas projects.” More follows…

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The bizarre demonstration around The Last Supper painting reportedly marks the fifth time in a week that Just Stop Oil members have glued themselves to famous oil-based artwork. One of the Just Stop Oil members who has made headlines for doing so is a 23-year-old student and group co-founder Hannah Hunt, who is being blasted as a hypocrite online after it was revealed that the climate radical had racked up tens of thousands worth of exotic vacations by way of air travel, obviously burning massive quantities oil on her ways to and from her destinations.

Earlier this week, Hunt was arrested in London with another Just Stop Oil member for gluing pictures of an apocalyptic future world of climate change over John Constable’s The Hay Wain before also gluing themselves to the painting.

There are no bigger hypocrites than ‘Green’ hypocrites.

I loathe and detest hypocrites.

Just Stop Oil Protestor Who Pulled ‘Hay Wain’ Painting Stunt Has Racked Up 50,000 Air Miles on Exotic Holidays via @LD_Sceptics

— Latimer Alder (@latimeralder) July 5, 2022

Many within the environmental movement and on the political left, in general, have been mocked as eco-hypocrites for their actions running counter to their own climate change narrative. Notably, US President Barack Obama, who signed on to the Paris Climate Accords and promoted the left’s “rising sea level” climate change agenda throughout his presidency, has been widely ridiculed for purchasing multi-million dollar waterfront mansions in Hawaii and Martha’s Vineyard.

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