VIDEO: Kamala Harris Says Her Biggest Failure Is ‘To Not Get Out Of D.C. More,’ Starts Laughing Nervously

Democrat Vice president Kamala Harris revealed what she believes to be her biggest failure while in office during an interview on CBS’ Face The Nation”: not getting “out of D.C. more.” She then broke into her famous forced laugh.

“What do you think your biggest failure has been at this point?” Harris was asked.

“To not get out of D.C. more,” the Vice President responded, breaking into a guffaw at the end of the sentence.

Several of Harris’ most prominent critics agreed with her sentiment on social media, pointing that she is often regarded as out of touch with most Americans by her political opposition.

At a recent rare trip out of the Beltway bubble, Harris expressed ignorance about the basic steps involved in charging an electric car, despite the Biden-Harris regime’s fixation on that class of vehicle.

VP Kamala Harris says her biggest failure has been “to not get out of D.C. more.”

— RNC Research (@RNCResearch) December 26, 2021

After plugging in the charger, Harris fiddled nervously with the device and cried out in surprise, “And there’s no sound or fume. So for all of us who are used to filling our tank, we, we, you usually can smell it and, and, you can hear it, you can hear the guzzling sound. None of that.”

“So technically, once you wave that card it’s actually charging,” the guide replied, but an unconvinced Harris replied, “So how would I know that? Tell me how I would know that.”

In November, the Vice President asked a NASA employee if the agency could measure trees “by race” to see what area codes need “environmental justice.”

“Can you measure, um, trees?” Harris demanded, pointing at the screen with an index finger. “Because part of that data that you’re referring to, and it’s an EJ, it’s environmental justice. But you can also track, by race, their averages in terms of the number of trees in the neighborhood where people live.”