VIDEO: Woman Calls Joe Biden A Pedophile, Asks Him ‘Where Are The Children?’

Democrat president Joe Biden was confronted by a woman who called him a “pedophile” and demanded “Where are the children?” during a stop in Mayfield, Kentucky on Wednesday. The highly unpopular POTUS received a negative reception from the local populace.

Video footage from FreedomNews.TV shows a woman repeatedly calling Biden a “pedophile” and asking him “Where they at, where are the children? Where are they?” as he interacts with the crowd.

One heckler shouted towards the President as he posed for photos with the crown Mayfield, calling him a pedophile and asking “where’s the children?” #biden #Mayfield #tornados

Video by Oliya Scootercaster

— Scootercaster (@ScooterCasterNY) December 15, 2021

Biden was seen physically interacting with a young boy during the event.

No matter where Brandon goes

— VeBee (@VeBo1991) December 15, 2021

As National File previously reported, the President did not receive a warm welcome in Mayfield.

One man bellowed, “Are you gonna help us, Joe” as the president struggled with his face mask. “Are you gonna help us?” Off camera, security could be heard telling someone to back up.

“This is our family,” said a woman. “Please, help Mayfield,” another added.

“What the f**k are you here for,” a third voice shouted as Biden walked away from the crowd.

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