Video: Woman Schools Anti-White Leftists on Privilege, Racism

In a viral video that has been circulating on social media, a woman can be seen schooling leftists on so-called white privilege and racism, defending the white working class that the UK’s own government admits they’ve “forgotten” and cast aside.

The video, which appears to have been taken in a university or other academic setting, comes from the UK and has been viewed hundreds of thousands of times since it was posted on Twitter. In the video, a woman, who at one point says that she is a student, schools anti-white leftists affiliated with the far-left Black, Asian, and Minority Ethnic Educators group (BAMEed) on a litany of issues facing students from the forgotten and ignored white working class, who left-wingers claim possess “white privilege” regardless of their own background or struggles.

Standing in front of a sign advertising the BAMEed organization, the young woman who is being called a “breath of fresh air” on Twitter held a pamphlet calling for an end to anti-white racism as she rendered her left-wing adversary, who is purported to be a university professor, nearly speechless.

Anti-white curricula and a fixation on denigrating “whiteness” are leading not only to the disengagement of white pupils from their studies but are causing mental health struggles, she said, derailing a generation of kids.

“This is causing white children to disengage with the curriculum and is harming not only their mental health but their life chances by harming their educational prospects,” the young woman said of the constant barrage of anti-white rhetoric in the UK’s education system, going on to assert that white students and parents are being prevented from organizing on their own behalf, and are called racist if they do.

“We as white people aren’t allowed to talk about these issues,” she said before eviscerating left-wing talking points surrounding so-called white privilege.

“Some of these white children are more economically disadvantaged than their black and ethnic minority peers. How can you say that a black boy who comes from a socio-economically advanced background is less privileged than a white boy who is on free school meals?” she asked, as the unpictured leftist continued bumbling on about white privilege.

“There’s no such thing as white privilege…There is such thing as socio-economic privilege, but as a white student and like other white students, many of us are disengaged from the curriculum,” she said, citing a study from the UK’s government that admitted they’d “let down” the “forgotten white working class” through “decades of neglect,” often using the tax dollars those citizens paid to fund welfare and other programs for new arrivals from the 3rd world.

While schools and universities have gone to great lengths to draw attention to the “psychological harm” that “whiteness” causes minorities, racially and religiously motivated attacks against white students and citizens have gone ignored, including the mass grooming and rape of British schoolchildren by Islamic gangs. Many of the gangs have been able to skirt punishment, thanks to the UK government bending over backward to accommodate third world migrants and avoid being accused of racism, or of not understanding their culture.

“When they talk about psychological harm, do they talk about the million white schoolchildren that have been raped in religiously and racially motivated offenses by Muslim Pakistani gangs?” she asked. “What about our schools that ignore them? What about our schools that ignore the sexual assaults of white girls? Why do we not talk about these issues of race? Oh! Because it affects the white community and we’re not allowed to talk about race!”

Unable to come up with a rebuttal aside from calling her evidence-backed claims “bullshit,” the left-winger bowed out of the debate, saying that she was just “not interested anymore.”

Across the Western world, specifically in the US and the UK, white students have become increasingly ostracized under academic programs inspired by Critical Race Theory and other Marxist-Maoist doctrines that seek to strike at the core of Western Civilization and divide and conquer societies on the basis of race. Operating in what appears to be synchronicity, academic institutions, corporations, and governing bodies at all levels have embraced anti-white ideologies and programs, even forcing white children as young as pre-school age to sit through anti-white Critical Race Theory seminars without the consent of their parents.

At an increasing rate, qualified white students are being rejected from colleges and universities as academia forcefully pushes racial “diversity” and boasts that they’re admitting fewer white students than ever before.

In the United States, even multi-racial groups that express a pro-American or pro-white pattern of thought are being attacked by the left, with the help of the federal government. As reported by National File, the Biden Administration and Attorney General Merrick Garland have used the FBI to target parents they accuse of racist “domestic terrorism” for opposing Critical Race Theory and other anti-American concepts in their kids’ schools. In Loudoun County, Virginia’s disgraced public school system, the school board even had parents arrested for daring to question their left-wing policies.

See the full video below:

She’s like a breath of fresh air.

— Astro Morrigan (@Morrigan_Astro) March 26, 2022