Virginia: Democrat Lawmakers Call to Shut Down Investigation into Loudoun County Trans Bathroom Rapes

Two Democrat lawmakers in the Virginia General Assembly are calling for an end to Attorney General Jason Miyares’ investigation into the rapes of Loudoun County school girls by a “gender-fluid” peer and subsequent efforts by left-wing district officials to cover up the assaults.

Democrat State Senator Jennifer Boysko and Democrat Delegate Suhas Subramanyam, both of whom represent portions of Loudoun County and have acted as militant backers of the district’s rape-enabling pro-trans policies, held a press conference on Friday calling for an immediate end to the state’s investigation into Loudoun County schools, which is being led by the Miyares Attorney General’s office. The investigation was ordered almost immediately after Miyares, alongside Republican Governor Glenn Youngkin, was sworn into office, making good on a campaign promise to get to the bottom of the disgraced Loudoun County school system’s efforts to cover up the rapes of at least three schoolgirls by a “gender-fluid” peer, a direct result of the district’s “trans-affirming” policies which opened girls’ bathrooms up to men.

The disgraced school district played a key role in Virginia’s 2021 General Election and the reversal of Democrats’ political fortunes in the commonwealth, as parents across the state lost confidence in Democrats’ ability to govern and protect children in their own school bathrooms.

Claiming that the investigation is meant to make Republican Attorney General Miyares “look good” and constitutes some sort of assault on Democracy, Boysko and Subramanyam claimed the investigation into the far-left school district is “rigged” before attempting to re-appropriate D.C. Democrat attacks on 45th President Trump for use against Miyares, and ultimately, the victims of Loudoun County’s gender-fluid school rapist.

“The Attorney General has made it clear that this will be a rigged, politicized investigation and politicize the events that have taken place in Loudoun to make himself look good,” said Subramanyam, a former Obama Administration official.

“Mr. Attorney General, we must know: You’re either with us or against us in democracy,” Boysko said, with both Democrat legislators going on to accuse the Miyares AG’s office of entering into a “quid pro quo” with investigators working on the Loudoun County case, using recent jobs opened by the dismissal of Democrat holdovers within the AG’s office as a reward for a job well done.

“You’re either protecting the Constitution, and upholding the actual rule of law, or you’re against it. You’re either supporting our country and our commonwealth or you’re against it, and I hope that the Attorney General denounces this kind of behavior. This insider quid-pro-quo does nothing but harm the people of Virginia,” Boysko said.

Washington Examiner report further detailed the bogus quid pro quo claim, which has been widely mocked by those with an understanding of the legal profession and workplace personnel issues.

“Their thin reed is an email exchange involving the special assistant of investigations to Virginia’s new Republican attorney general, Jason Miyares. This investigator was interested in a newly open attorney position at the University of Virginia and commented that he would like to put his hat in the ring ‘when the Loudoun County investigation wraps up in a few months, assuming it is done well and the AG looks good.’ A senior staffer replied, ‘We will absolutely keep you in mind!,’” the Examiner reported.

In a statement released by the Attorney General’s office following the Boysko-Subramanyam press conference, a spokesperson for Attorney General Jason Miyares blasted the Democrats’ attempt to end the investigation into the Loudoun County child rapes, saying the safety of children shouldn’t be a partisan issue.

“The Office of the Attorney General is dedicated to discovering the truth about what happened in Loudoun County this past year, because every Virginia family deserves answers,” the statement reads. “The fact that two Loudoun County officials want to deny the public the truth is shameful.”

“Uncovering the mistakes that led to two minors being sexually assaulted at school shouldn’t be partisan, and will not be reversed,” the statement went on to say, failing to mention the existence of a third victim, who was learned of in court documents after the gender-fluid rapist received a guilty verdict.

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