Virginia House of Delegates Passes Historic Legislation That Bans Critical Race Theory in K-12 Schools

The Virginia House of Delegates has passed historic legislation banning the use of Critical Race Theory-themed curriculum in the state’s K-12 schools. Also known as CRT, Critical Race Theory played a key role in Republicans retaking Virginia’s statewide offices and house majority, as left-wing school districts sought to inflict the racist, divisive content on children against the will of their parents, who have formed a multi-racial coalition to protect their kids.

House Bill 787, introduced by Republican Delegate David LaRock, whose Loudoun County constituents have been on the frontlines in the battle against CRT, passed through the lower chamber by a vote of 50-49. Every single Democrat voted in favor of continuing to teach the divisive curriculum, which was written by communists. They were joined by far-left Republican Carrie Coyner, who has also voted with Democrats against securing Virginia’s elections and to abolish the death penalty.

Additionally, GOP Delegate Kim Taylor did not vote on the matter, siding with the radical left by default.

House Bill 787 does not mention Critical Race Theory by name, but issues a wide-sweeping ban on “divisive concepts” being taught to Virginia’s schoolchildren, and specifically pushes back on teaching that certain students are superior or inferior to others. This is a central theme of Critical Race Theory ideology, which teaches that white students inherently oppress their nonwhite classmates by simply existing.

“Critical Race Theory is an evil ideology that teaches our kids to hate America and each other,” Delegate Wren Williams, a former Trump election attorney who has played a key role in fighting Democrats’ far-left agenda. said in a statement after HB 787 passed. Williams also signed on as a co-sponsor. “Our children are America’s most precious resource. Virginia’s schools need to be teaching our children that they are created equal,” said the first-term Delegate from Patrick County.

While Governor Glenn Youngkin made a ban on the teaching of Critical Race Theory and other “divisive concepts” a top priority upon inauguration last month, HB 787 will encode the ban in Virginia’s laws, ensuring that kids are protected from the radically left-wing concept. The bill could face an uphill battle in the State Senate though, where Democrats cling to a razor-thin majority and have used their domination of committee assignments to kill similar legislation already introduced in that chamber.



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