VIRGINIA: Kiggans Voted With Dems On Trans School Bathrooms, But Now Campaigns On Parental Rights In Schools

Establishment Republican Jen Kiggans is campaigning for Congress on parental rights in education after voting with Democrats to cause Virginia’s school crisis in the first place, forcing districts to open girls’ restrooms up to men and adopt “trans-affirming” policies under the Virginia Values Act.

In an email sent to voters, Jen Kiggans, a State Senator running for the GOP’s 2nd District nomination Congress, paints her campaign in the light of Governor-elect Glenn Youngkin, who topped off a GOP sweep in a cycle largely focused on the left’s domination of public schools.

The issue came to a head in Loudoun County, where in addition to the use of Critical Race Theory, school officials were among the first to enact policies in line with Kiggans’ Virginia Values Act, opening girls’ restrooms up to men and legislating the use of “trans-affirming” pronouns, all the while leaving parents out of the decision-making process.

As a result of the policies that came from Kiggans’ Virginia Values Act, a female Loudoun County high school student was raped by a male peer who donned a skirt and claimed to be “gender fluid” before gaining access to the girls’ restroom, where the attack took place. District officials covered up the rape, arresting the girls’ father when he demanded answers, a precursor to Attorney General Merrick Garland’s cable to federal law enforcement labeling concerned parents as domestic terrorists.

Jen Kiggans cited Garland’s instructions to the feds in her email to voters, attempting to ride the coattails of parent activists and legislators who actually have a record of opposing left-wing social engineering at the expense of schoolchildren.

“Why are parents being investigated like DOMESTIC TERRORISTS?” Kiggans asks in the email. “Simply because they stood for the idea that our children must be taught HOW to think, not WHAT to think?”

“This was THE defining issue for many in this past gubernatorial race in Virginia,” the email goes on, featuring a bright yellow link to a WinRed webpage, where voters can “stand for parents rights” by donating their money to the GOP establishment’s campaign machine.

Kiggans goes on to try and tie her campaign to that of Glenn Youngkin and claims that “as a mom” she will battle for schoolchildren in Washington, but she fails to mention her vote in favor of the Virginia Values Act, throwing Virginia’s schools into chaos and leading directly to the rape of female high school students in a place where they should be the safest.

National File reached out to Senator Kiggans for comment on this story and on her vote to approve the Virginia Values Act but received no response, as has been the case in the past. National File did however receive a response from Kiggans’ GOP primary opponent, Jarome Bell, who has been highly critical of Kiggans’ voting record and refusal to back President Trump.

While Kiggans is endorsed by Rep. Elise Stefanik and says she will back Kevin McCarthy for Speaker in Congress, Bell is endorsed by General Michael Flynn and border hawk Rep. Paul Gosar and says he will support a Freedom Caucus candidate for Speaker when elected. The primary race in the 2nd District has garnered national attention as an America First vs. Establishment match-up and has serious implications for the balance of power on Capitol Hill.

“She voted to make your little girls less safe in school with her ‘Yay’ vote on SB-868, the Virginia Values Act,” Bell told National File. “People know that I have been there from the beginning and continue to fight for these kids and parents! Stop the hypocrisy and the fake political BS,” Bell continued, adding that Kiggans has never attended local school board meetings, even as a State Senator, to stand for conservative values and the region’s kids.

“How is she going to fight for you in Washington against ‘The Squad’ when she can’t even fight for you in Virginia? All political talk,” said Bell. “She should have stayed on her couch!”

Read Jen Kiggans’ full email below:

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