VIRGINIA: McCarthy-Tied Fund Bails Out Establishment GOP Pick Jen Kiggans After Lackluster Fundraising

Jen Kiggans has found backing for her 2nd District Congressional run from the Kevin McCarthy-tied Congressional Leadership Fund (CLF), receiving the group’s endorsement this week.

The endorsement secures more GOP establishment backing and a much-needed financial boost after she reported fundraising numbers so disappointing that some speculated she’d drop out of the race.

Kiggans received the endorsement this week as the CLF rolled out their list of 11 GOP “trailblazers” running in battleground districts currently controlled by Democrats or that have been newly drawn amidst redistricting efforts.

The CLF, though an outside group, is closely tied to GOP leadership and House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy, who Kiggans has promised she would support for Speaker of the House as a member of Congress should the Republicans take back control.

Appearing to closely mirror the endorsements of Kevin McCarthy’s Young Gun political machine at the NRCC, the CLF functions as a hybrid PAC and is reportedly the top outside group funding Republican candidates in the 2022 election cycle.

Through its relatively new “Trailblazer” program, the CLF will be able to provide funds directly to their chosen candidates, offering up a life vest of sorts to financially struggling campaigns, like that of Jen Kiggans.

Despite Kiggans’ left-wing voting record, which has been reported on previously by National File, and her campaign’s disappointing fundraising numbers going into 2022, CLF President Dan Conston says that Kiggans and the other candidates his group has endorsed as “Trailblazers” have “exactly what it takes” to win in 2022.

“We need 5 seats to take back the House Majority and these trailblazers are the first that will get the job done,” Conston said in a statement announcing the endorsements. “Each of these 11 candidates have demonstrated they have exactly what it takes to earn the trust of voters and win in November.”

The 2nd District’s GOP primary, which will be held this June, is setting up to be a battle between the establishment-backed “moderate” agenda of Jen Kiggans and the America First platform of Jarome Bell, her fellow primary front runner.

While Kiggans has been endorsed by the McCarthy-tied CLF and Elise Stefanik’s Elevate PAC, which exclusively endorses female candidates, Bell has the backing of America First and election integrity icons, boasting an endorsement from General Michael Flynn, as well as nods from Arizona State Senator Wendy Rogers and Congressman Paul Gosar. Kiggans has promised to support McCarthy for Speaker and did nothing to challenge suspected fraud in Virginia’s 2020 Election.

Her primary opponent, 27-year Navy veteran Jarome Bell, says he will support a Freedom Caucus Representative for Speaker and has been one of Virginia’s loudest voices for election integrity, even filing suit against Facebook for alleged election meddling and anti-Christian discrimination.

Speaking with National File on Kiggans’ latest McCarthy-tied endorsement, Bell characterized Kiggans and McCarthy as “Republicans in name only.”

“RINOs are going to support RINOs. ‘Thine works be known by the company they keep,’” said Bell. “It’s how they buy elections,”

Bell said of the endorsement, “They will spend millions to try and make people believe Jen Kiggans is the best candidate, but she’ll only be McCarthy’s puppet instead of Nancy Pelosi’s.”

“I believe the people will see straight through it and know that I’m the best person to go to DC for the 2nd District and battle toe to toe with the establishment on both sides of the aisle,” Bell went on, before highlighting his 27-year Naval career. “Chief Petty Officers don’t make good puppets but we do make great leaders!”

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