VIRGINIA: Republican Jarome Bell Says Opponent Jen Kiggans Is ‘Playing Gender Card,’ Calls For Her To Reject Stefanik’s Endorsement

U.S. House candidate Jarome Bell is calling on his establishment-backed primary opponent, Jen Kiggans, to reject the endorsement of pro-transgender New York Republican Elise Stefanik, who has recently thrown her support behind Kiggans via her “Elevate PAC,” which exclusively endorses female candidates. America First Jarome Bell and establishment-backed Kiggans will face off for the GOP nomination in Virginia’s 2nd Congressional District in 2022.

Elise Stefanik, a close ally of Kevin McCarthy who replaced Liz Cheney as GOP Caucus Chair, is one of nearly two dozen Republicans supporting the so-called Fairness for All Act, a radical piece of pro-trans legislation that will permanently encode transgenderism and radical left gender theory in American law and make those claiming to be transgender a federally protected class.

Since achieving national recognition, Stefanik has made diversity and gender theory pieces of her political messaging. At the same time, Stefanik also runs the Elevate PAC, which exclusively endorses female candidates for office, choosing candidates first by their sex, not their qualifications.

Bell, endorsed by Republican firebrands including Wendy Rogers, Paul Gosar, and General Michael Flynn, has surged in the 2022 primary race, while Kiggans has yet to achieve the same political fanfare. She has been accused of using identity politics – namely her gender – to secure votes.

“I find it sexist and bigoted that Jen Kiggans accepted and praised an endorsement from a PAC that only endorses women,” Jarome Bell told National File. “This is an affirmative action PAC for women only.”

“If there was a PAC that only endorsed men, it would be called misogynistic,” Bell continued, drawing attention to the double standards that often persist in politics, and so often benefit establishment chosen ones like Jen Kiggans and Elise Stefanik. “If a PAC only endorsed white men, or black men, it would be called misogynistic and racist,” said Bell.

“I am calling on Jen Kiggans to give up the left-wing gender card and renounce this endorsement,” Bell concluded.

Through her time in the Virginia State Senate, Jen Kiggans has supported much far-left legislation in line with Stefanik’s left-wing gender platform, including SB 868, also known as the Virginia Values Act, which bears striking similarities to Stefanik’s Fairness for All Act.

Under the Virginia Values Act, Christianity was criminalized and girls’ restrooms were opened up to men, two key issues that critics of Stefanik’s Fairness for All Act say the bill would recreate nationwide.

The Virginia Department of Education heavily cited the Kiggans-backed Virginia Values Act in forcing schools to adopt “trans-affirming” policies. In Loudoun County, those policies led directly to the rape of a high school girl when a male classmate who donned a skirt and claimed to be “gender-fluid” entered the girls’ restroom and sexually assaulted a minor high school student. After the rapist was moved from that school and arrested for rape, he allegedly raped a second girl at the new school. He has been convicted of one rape, and is set to stand trial for the second alleged rape.

As the rapes fed a statewide culture war that ultimately saw Clinton-era Democrat Terry McAuliffe defeated in the 2021 Virginia Governor’s race, left-wing Loudoun County officials tried to cover up the attacks, even ordering the arrest of one victim’s father when he demanded answers.

As the culture war unfolded and the Virginia Values Act became a household name, Jen Kiggans has remained quiet on the topic, and has never replied to multiple requests for comment on her vote and its repercussions from National File.

Much like Stefanik, Kiggans has made her loyalty to House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy very clear. In a recent radio interview, Kiggans promised to support McCarthy for Speaker of the House should she make it to Congress, despite his lackluster performance in the face of Democrat pushback.

“Kevin McCarthy is a leader in my fight,” Kiggans said as she swore her allegiance to the GOP leader, just days after he allowed the more than $1 trillion Democrat infrastructure bill to make it through the House of Representatives with Republican votes. While she pledged her support to McCarthy for Speaker, Kiggans refused to back a hypothetical third Trump presidential run, giggling her way through what radio host John Fredericks blasted as a “consultant-driven” set of answers to his questions on 2024.

Bell, on the other hand, has said that he will support a Freedom Caucus-style, America First conservative for Speaker should Republicans take back control of the House in 2022 with his help. The GOP’s path to victory and a House majority goes straight through Virginia’s 2nd District, considered the most competitive battleground in the nation, and currently represented by 1/6 Committee member and Pelosi Democrat Elaine Luria.

In recent weeks, incumbent Luria was busted for her close ties to Chinese Communist espionage efforts, through her investments in the Chinese Communist-owned e-commerce firm Alibaba. While Bell called for Luria’s resignation over the Chinese ties, Kiggans stayed quiet, again.

As a political outsider, Bell says the last thing voters need on the ticket is another member of the uni-party political establishment, like Elaine Luria or Jen Kiggans.

“What good is it for the 2nd District to take a Pelosi puppet like Elaine Luria and replace her with a Kevin McCarthy puppet like Jen Kiggans? The people cananot afford to keep sending puppets to D.C.,” Bell told National File.

Watch Jarome Bell blast left-wing Republicans in this Stew Peters Show interview: