Virginia Republican Jen Kiggans Won’t Back Trump In 2024, Got Mocked For ‘Consultant-Driven’ Answers In New Interview

Virginia House candidate Jen Kiggans said she would not support 45th President Donald Trump in a hypothetical 2024 rematch with Joe Biden, and was called out over her “consultant-driven” answers to interview questions during a recent radio appearance on The John Fredericks Show.

When asked by radio host John Fredericks whether or not she would support 45th President Donald Trump should he again run for office in 2024, Jen Kiggans, who is seeking the Republican nomination to Congress in Virginia’s 2nd District, refused to throw her support behind Trump.

“So, I, you know, good question, I’m so focused on 2022 right now,” Kiggans said while giggling, before telling Fredericks that she has been a lifelong Republican.

“Jen, that’s a consultant-driven answer,” Fredericks replied, before again directly asking her if she would support a Trump candidacy in 2024. Kiggans again refused to answer clearly, again offering more muffled giggles.

“Everybody should get on a ballot who wants to be on a ballot so it’s going to be a crowded field,” said Kiggans, before reluctantly admitting she would support the Republican nominee in a general election.

Though she did not commit to backing President Trump should he run in 2024, Kiggans has thrown her support behind Kevin McCarthy, the Republican Party establishment’s choice for Speaker of the House in the event the party should retake the House of Representatives in 2024.

Kiggans dismissed McCarthy’s failure to stop the Democrats’ more than $1 trillion infrastructure bill from making it through the House of Representatives and declared that McCarthy is a “leader” in her “fight.”

Kiggans said, “I would vote for Kevin McCarthy,” and added, “He’s a leader in my fight. He’s a leader in my party,” she continued, before suggesting that conservatives can expect better results out of McCarthy once he isn’t dealing with pushback from a Democrat majority.

“I will look forward to supporting Kevin McCarthy as Speaker,” Kiggans said.

Listen to Kiggans’ full interview:

Kiggans, who is currently a State Senator, also referenced her gender, remarking that her status as a woman is part of what makes her the best candidate for the job. Because there are currently no Republican women from Virginia serving in Congress, Kiggans asserted, it’s her time.

During her time in the Virginia State Senate, Kiggans has joined forces with radical Democrats on several occasions to left-wing pass gender legislation, including the so-called Equal Rights Amendment, which allows for abortion on demand, as well as the Virginia Values Act, a wide-sweeping pro-LGBT bill which opened girls’ restroom to men and has been accused by faith leaders of “criminalizing Christianity.”

As recently reported by National File, the 2nd District’s current Democrat incumbent, Pelosi ally and 1/6 Committee member Elaine Luria, was exposed for having substantial figure investments in the Chinese e-commerce firm Alibaba, which has been flagged by the U.S. State Department for assisting the Chinese Communist Party in military and espionage efforts against the United States, has high-level members of the Communist government sitting on its board, and was dubbed a “tool” of the CCP by the United States.

Despite widespread backlash, Kiggans has remained silent on Luria’s ties to espionage and barely glossed over the issue at an early point in her interview with Fredericks, stopping short of calling on Luria to resign or even sell off her CCP-tied stocks, but saying that she “knows about” Luria’s financial ties to Chinese Communist espionage and that it is “concerning.”

Kiggans primary opponent, Jarome Bell, has shaped his campaign largely in contrast to Kiggans’ establishment-friendly views.

Jarome Bell has issued multiple calls for Luria to resign, including one during an appearance on The John Fredericks Show, in which the host ridiculed Kiggans’ silence on the issue and suggested that she was waiting for her establishment political consultants to come up with a response for her, or even poll the voters on what she should say before issuing a statement.

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