Wisconsin: Far-Left Extremists Firebomb Madison Pro-Life Nonprofit

Pro-abortion extremists firebombed the office of a pro-life nonprofit in Madison, Wisconsin on Sunday. Madison police and fire departments were called to the office of Wisconsin Family Action (WFA) around 6 a.m. on Sunday after a witness noticed smoke pouring out from the building. Thankfully, no one was injured in the attack.

After one of the building’s windows were smashed, police believe the attackers threw a Molotov cocktail through the opening. The Molotov failed to go off, leading investigators to believe that someone started a fire inside.

The ensuing fire damaged furniture and books, though the flames failed to catch and deal even more damage to the building. Responding fire crews doused the flames shortly after the witness called in.

In addition to being firebombed, the Madison nonprofit office was tagged with an anarchy symbol, which is commonly used by Antifa-style left-wing extremist groups. Text reading “if abortions aren’t safe then you aren’t either,” was also spray-painted onto the building’s exterior.

BREAKING: Somebody vandalized and allegedly threw Molotov cocktails into Wisconsin Family Action’s — an anti-abortion rights group — Madison office, writing w/ graffiti, “If abortions aren’t safe, then you aren’t either.”

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— Alexander Shur (@AlexanderShur) May 8, 2022

“We condemn violence and hatred in all forms, including the actions at Wisconsin Family Action in Madison last night,” said Wisconsin Gov. Tony Evers, a Democrat. “We reject violence against any person for disagreeing with another’s view.”

The Democrat governor went on to say that he is committed to preserving Roe V. Wade, however. “We will work against overturning Roe and attacks on reproductive rights by leading with empathy and compassion. We will defend what we believe in with our words and our voices — in the streets, in halls of government, and at the ballot box,” Evers continued.

Shortly after the office was firebombed, Madison Police Chief Shon Barnes issued a statement that appears to rationalize the motives behind the attack. “The Madison Police Department understands members of our community are feeling deep emotions due to the recent news involving the United States Supreme Court,” reads the first line of Barnes’ statement.

“Early Sunday morning, our team began investigating a suspicious fire inside an office building on the city’s north side,” the statement continues. “It appears a specific non-profit that supports anti-abortion measures was targeted. Our department has and continues to support people being able to speak freely and openly about their beliefs. But we feel that any acts of violence, including the destruction of property, do not aid in any cause.”

Very weird statement from Madison Police Chief on the burning of a pro-life clinic (apparently by abortion activists): “The Madison Police Department understands members of our community are feeling deep emotions due to the recent news involving the United States Supreme Court.” pic.twitter.com/41sDuYdUlv

— Mary Margaret Olohan (@MaryMargOlohan) May 9, 2022

WFA President Juliane Appling said the group had received threats before, but never to this extreme. “The irony of this happening on Mother’s Day is very poignant,” Appling said in a statement. “I pray that this doesn’t happen to anyone else. This needs to stop right now.”

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