Woman Who is Sexually Attracted to Planes Wants to Marry Jet

Sarah Rodo, a 23-year-old German woman, says she is sexually attracted to planes. Rodo, a Dortmund resident, eventually wants to marry a toy aircraft, though it is currently illegal to do so. The story was first reported by The Sun.

Rodo told the outlet that her favorite aircraft is the Boeing 737, which she flies on as often as possible. She owns over 50 replica models of the aircraft at her home and hopes to marry one eventually.

She refers to the aircraft model as “Dicki” and refers to it as “her boyfriend.”

Rodo told the outlet that she identifies as Objectum Sexual, meaning that she is sexually attracted to inanimate objects. She has also been sexually attracted to a train in the past.

“My plane is called Dicki,” she told The Sun. “I love everything about him, but particularly his face, wings and engine — they’re so sexy to me.”

“Some people don’t understand my love but my friends took my coming-out very well and encouraged me,” the woman said of being sexually attracted to planes.

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