Youngkin Urges VA Localities to Crack Down on Leftist Mobs Targeting Supreme Court Justices

Virginia Governor Glenn Youngkin sent a letter to the Fairfax County Board of Supervisors on Wednesday requesting that they protect the homes of sitting Supreme Court Justices within their jurisdiction from the radical pro-abortion mobs. Large groups of far-left protests have been descending on their neighborhoods and threatening violence against the justices and their families. Youngkin has been slammed by conservatives this week for not sending in the state police when deep-blue localities like Fairfax County won’t do their jobs and protect their own citizens. Under federal and Virginia law, such demonstrations outside of private homes are illegal. Despite Fairfax County’s refusal to enforce the law, Youngkin has opted not to send in state police to rectify the situation, merely offering assistance to Fairfax County should they request it.

Radical groups of demonstrators including Antifa members have already descended on the family home of Supreme Court Justice Samuel Alito, who authored the Court’s draft opinion potentially overturning Roe v. Wade and giving authority over abortion back to the states. The intimidation effort has made headlines nationwide and bears similarities to other well-funded left-wing movements in recent election years, such as the violent Black Lives Matter demonstrations of 2020.

Governor Youngkin, who won election in 2021 on a platform of restoring law and order and a sense of normalcy to Virginia, has been blasted by conservatives online over his failure to act, with Jack Posobiec directing a video at the Governor telling him that his response is “not good enough!”

BREAKING: “It’s NOT good enough!”@JackPosobiec calls out Governor Glenn Youngkin for failure to maintain his promise of law and

— MAGA King Poso (@JackPosobiec) May 11, 2022

In his written request to the deep-blue Fairfax County Board of Supervisors, which now only contains one Republican member, Governor Youngkin requested that the local police department establish an “expanded security perimeter around the homes of the three current Supreme Court Justices who reside in Fairfax County,” in order to protect them from the left-wing mobs seemingly operating with the blessing of local authorities and even the White House.

“The Virginia State Police have offered and stand ready to provide their assistance to Fairfax County Police,” Youngkin’s letter continued. “We are prepared to provide the manpower and resources necessary to ensure a safe perimeter, which should include limiting unauthorized vehicle and pedestrian access, and be established prior to planned events on Wednesday, May 11, 2022.”

Despite the federal and state level illegality of the demonstrations outside of justice’s homes, as well as credible threats of violence made by Antifa members and other pro-abortion radicals, Governor Youngkin went on to promise Fairfax County in the letter that the State Police won’t become involved unless they’re specifically asked to.

“As you know, the initial law enforcement response lies at the local level, and the Virginia State Police’s involvement will only occur at the request of the local police,” Youngkin wrote. “In addition to my clear safety concerns, I fundamentally believe such demonstrations and picketing should not be allowed at the Justice’s homes as they are meant to intimidate and influence the Justices, not to mention, scaring their families and small children.”

In addition to the demonstrations outside of Justice Alito’s home and the planned descents on the homes of other Justices, pro-abortion radicals have vandalized a Northern Virginia pregnancy center and have threatened violence against churches in the state. This week, after Attorney General Jason Miyares warned the “extreme left” demonstrators against interfering with Virginians’ religious freedoms, a bullet traveled through his office window. 


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