YOUTH IN REVOLT: Students Stand Up To Tyranny By Refusing To Wear Masks

Students at California’s Oakdale High School are inspiring patriots everywhere with their principled stand against their school system’s suffocating mask mandate. Maskless students have banded together for Face Freedom in such great numbers that the school does not know what to do with them. According to the school district’s own numbers, 375 students in the school system were active in the Face Freedom movement as of Wednesday and 344 on Thursday, meaning that the Freedom movement is retaining strong numbers despite coercion tactics by the establishment.

The Freedom lovers gained public support in their protest parade to the headquarters of the school district on Thursday. These youth are watching their future get destroyed by the policies of the old, the corrupt and the fearful. In standing for Face Freedom, they are rejecting the fearmongering and authoritarianism of the failed oligarchs who rule over them. Those who do not care about the future should stop ruining the present. If this protest is any indication, the future still has a fighting chance.


“If they don’t follow by their own rules that they’re trying to force upon me, why should I follow them,” said Oakdale High School student Nolan Harris, referring to a recent photograph that California Democrat governor Gavin Newsom took with Magic Johnson in which Newsom was not wearing a mask.

The school establishment has sentenced the kids to purgatory in a cold gymnasium, but the students are not deterred. The activist group Let Them Breathe is supporting the feisty youngsters in their principled crusade for the right to freely breathe oxygen.

Oakdale “Rules for thee + not for me” Unmasked Students are being contained in gym with only water, sent home for eating cheerios while principal unmasks + staff seen with drinks that aren’t water.

We already sent a legal demand letter + are moving forward with legal action

— LET THEM BREATHE (@letthem_breathe) February 4, 2022

The students are done. Let Them Breathe! We are legally supporting these Oakdale students who were first segregated in the gym and now are not being allowed to access their campus to get an education.

We have already sent a demand letter to Oakdale and are following up today.

— LET THEM BREATHE (@letthem_breathe) February 4, 2022

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